Microsoft Announces Windows Media Center Internet TV Beta

Microsoft launches a beta of its Windows Media Center Internet TV platform. Microsoft's Internet TV initiative was first hyped for the Xbox 360 platform, but it will first show up on Windows Vista machines.

Owners of Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate will be able to access free ad-supported TV content without the need for a hardware TV tuner...

Owners of Microsoft's Xbox 360 will be happy to know that their consoles can be used as Windows Media Extenders to view the same content available on Windows Vista.

Microsoft also announced that Linksys, D-Link and HP Windows Media Center Extenders would be capable of streaming Internet TV content to high-definition TVs.

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Read full story for details including the models and prices of Media Center Extenders. See alternative sources below for Microsoft's "Windows Media Center and Media Center Extender" product page and "Windows Media Center Extender FAQ".

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omansteveo4036d ago

I just tried it its sweet

Taker_1294036d ago

and it's easy to use too

367 To Your Ass4036d ago

It's great, but if you have cable don't give it up. And if you've got Direct TV, you're already at the best. But iTV is good way of getting media streaming off of your Vista PC onto your network of MCEs. I currently have an HP dv9535nr Notebook PC streaming iTV through my router to my Xbox 360. I use Media Center quite a bit, and it's getting better every day. By the way, for an alternative to MS's iTV (or in addition to it) check out TV Tonic. It's got a lot more channels, and just keeps getting more content every week/day.

Delta_FX4036d ago

Got the Beta, been playing around, pretty cool so far.

romaink4036d ago

been waiting for this a long time now! now I can enjoy all the msn concerts on my hdtv! I'm hoping that the next update gives us DivX and Xvid support like the other extenders.

Douglasp4036d ago

Would be great. All the future third party extenders will support Divx and their partners doing those DVR boxes using Vista also support Divx. I smell xbox Divx/XVID support soon.

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