Bayonetta vs Ryu vs Nero vs Dante vs Kratos: Who is the ultimate badass?

Do you know what makes hack and slash games so satisfying? Performing combos that makes you feel like a badass.

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RedDead2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

In terms of Badass
1: Kratos
2: Ryu
3: Dante
4: .... I can't decide

In order of strenght

1: dante
2: Nero
3: Ryu
4: I can't decide, I don't know what powers Boyonette girl has, I never played it.

It's not really fair to compare characters from differant universe in terms of strenght, it would be like comparing Superman to Batman. Obviously Superman is stronger.

I;m only getting into Hack and slashers right now though, starting with DMC4. Already played Gow3 though.

Edit--- She does seem sorta badass, I will play it to find out.

hardcore19122883d ago

Bayonetta is so badass that she killed a huge monster while she is Surfing.

Snakefist302883d ago

Kratos is BADASS in my opsion.He can easily RAPE Bayonetta!

beavis4play2883d ago

agreed - i'd say kratos is the jimi hendricks of badass......

there's kratos........then there's the rest fighting it out for #2.

Focker4202883d ago

Just so you know its spelled Hendrix

Iroquois_Pliskin2883d ago

Kratos killed Gods so that would make him stronger than everyone i dunno

ATiElite2883d ago

Gordon Freeman is the most bad ass of all time....right after Alyx Vance.

gunnerforlife2883d ago

Dante-comon how many times has this guybeen stabed and made it look like its nothing ( oh and he can kill gods as well)????
Kratos-can kill gods and escape hell like its a walk down central london.
Virgil-just as badass as dante.
Ryu- hes justtt cool with that outfit.
-havent played boyonette even thought its under my shelf lol

ThanatosDMC2883d ago

Dante got shot in the head too... then caught the second bullet by the teeth.

Kratos can die. DANTE MUST DIE but he doesnt.

Dante has 3 girls (Trish, Lady and Lucia). 5 if you count Nero and Nero's girlfriend.

Whitefox7892883d ago




AssassinHD2883d ago

Superman is undeniably stronger than Batman, but Batman has proven to be the victor against Superman on several occasions.

UltraNova2883d ago

Yet Goku rapes all of the above with just about no effort...

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Cloudberry2883d ago

Kratos - Mad Jack.

Bayonetta - Sasha.

Ryu - The cyborg ninja in Anarchy Reigns.

I couldn't find Dante & Nero's similarity with the rest of characters though...

SnakeMustDie2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

A Spartan God vs Funny Demon vs Dragon Ninja vs Hot Witch. Can't decide

gravemaker2883d ago

Non of these. The most badass hero is Kazuma from yakuza

ThanatosDMC2883d ago

Wrong article for you. I love Yakuza and all but... no.

kataloni102883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Vergil from devil May Cry 3 ... Dantes brorther ....

Katana Yamato2883d ago

HAHA! Yes totally! Bubbles for you

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