MGS07: One level of Uncharted

Pretty things from the Micromania Games Show again with this full level of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, performed by Sir Sony France.

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Dpa4036d ago

This game looks so good! Its like gears of war + tomb raider + awesome graphics. Naughty Dog ftw.

Violater4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I thought the PS3 could not do both colors and amazing textures at the same time.

[end sarcasm]

Thought u guys would find this PM i got interesting

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20 minutes ago | By: bluebrad1974
"Why not move to Japan, where you belong."

"5 minutes ago | By: bluebrad1974
Did I not make myself clear? You might be in America, but you don't belong here. You should move to Japan so Kaz Hirai can b*tt f*ck you for real instead of using a $600 blu-ray player."

babyhand4036d ago

To mess together but i think this is the best game on the Ps3 right now from what i have seen. I find the exploration to my liking, Like ICO on the ps2 sort of. I think that i agree with the MART on this game , that it is the best game it seems on the Ps3.(I say this as i have an XBOX 360 and there is no game like this for it, as tomb raider kinda sucks) I would buy a Ps3 for this game. Loved ICO, classic

nasim4036d ago

It is the best looking game on earth till date.

It kills any x360 game.

Graphically it is rivalled by only Heavenly Sword,KZ2,Crysis .

This makes all x360 games look like genuine wii games

SpenserTracy4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )


beavis4play4036d ago

someone should tell him to get some new material

MaximusPrime4035d ago

Great gameplay. im highly impressed. i will get that game. ;)

PS: i got the same message from bluebrad too.

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nirwanda4036d ago

the graphic are now great rather than just good everythings now properly bump mapped reminds me of crackdown and Gears.

Scrooge4036d ago

You Sony boys are so desparate for a great game to play that you'll say anything looks AAA.

(And thus I've commited social suicide on this website)

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Antan4036d ago

Looking very very nice, incredible animation, beautiful graphics, and looks good fun.


"Looks like another over hyped sony product" Go and play Halo 3, the most overated game of all time.