Need for Speed ProStreet - Drift Racing Featurette and MGS07 Gameplay

Get ready to slide around those corners in this mode new to NFS ProStreet.

The second video is made by Gamersyde at the Micromania Games Show 07.

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uHuRu4036d ago

Need for Speed sucks. same game every year, yet people keep buying it.

1ben24036d ago

It sucks because you said so? Saying YOU dont like it, we can respect that, thats your opinion. But people keep buying it maybe because THEY enjoy it. You don have to.

NRG4035d ago

I like how he talks about realism. When in reality, it's probably just going to be how easy it will be for you to snap your thumbstick from one side to the other to get your car sideways.

JIN KAZAMA4035d ago

used to be awesome, with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. After that, all the need for speeds just plain sucked ASS! With all the tuner import crap they out in there, because it would sell a lot to idiots who dont care about an actuall racing game, but just so they can put on some rims on a car and get ome new paint on their door panels. EA sucks and I hope they go out of bnusiness! They are the MS of videogame software.


hotrider124034d ago

go to where everyone is signing up for a new hot pursuit3 and a new high stakes game.