500 Kills In Black Ops Gets Player Banned

Fifteen minutes of fame has turned into Activision temporarily banning the accounts and resetting the ranks of these players. According to the community manager, it is a form of boosting and you don't want to be caught doing it.

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Warprincess1164598d ago

lol losers, bragging about 500 kills isn't a good thing. I like treyarch even more for banning these losers

Godmars2904598d ago

I'm sure you would have liked them even more if they had made so some slub couldn't get 500 kills without really trying.

rdgneoz34598d ago

Yah, love a company that makes a broken game that you can easily get 500 kills in. I'd like them even more if they fixed their sh!t for a change.

Echo3074598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )


Easily get 500 kills in?

That's why the game has been out for 4 months, millions of people have played, thousands and thousands have already hit top prestige and this is the first time we've seen it?

In order to accomplish this, you would have to know exactly where the choke points are and have multiple people lock them down in unison so the spawns are always the same. Even then, you need to have friendlies on the other team to play along. This is not easy, and if someone wanted to bad enough, this could be done in just about any online game that has maps similarly sized to Black Ops'.

Granted, spawn camping is nothing new (for any game), but doing so on this scale with this amount of success is extremely rare.

kancerkid4598d ago

So instead of fixing spawn points (how about adding spawning onto teammates) they ban a person who was playing the game.

Although it probably was boosting because why would you let yourself get killed 250+ times like two of the opponents did.

Also, welcome to Demolition. What do they think people do in that mode?

No Way4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

Iduno.. play the game like the dumbass that I am?

Zydake4598d ago

um i think im going to try this LOL im not hacking. I'll just exploit a glitch

JD_Shadow4598d ago

Oh yeah! Instead of blaming Treyarch for making the system like that to make it possible for stuff like that and calling for them to fix the problem, let's just relieve them of any responsibility, basically tell them that they don't have to fix shit, and blame those that just used the system that Treyarch gave them.

Yeah, THAT'S going to get this obvious bug fixed! /s

morganfell4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

Temporarily banning? I am sure a temporary ban will teach them something, just not what they should be taught. And by now COD games should have found a solution to the boosting when the technique is the same.

Spawn camping is inexcusable when there is an easy design solution. Treyarch has been and proves they will continue to be a substandard developer.

antz11044598d ago

LMAO, alright guys, we get the game is broken for most of you.

Still, the company is banning people (if only temporarily) and thats never a bad thing. Give them a little credit.

radphil4598d ago

"Still, the company is banning people (if only temporarily) and thats never a bad thing. Give them a little credit."

Banning is simple. Anyone with admin abilities on any game can do it. =|

Soldierone4598d ago

You dont remember old FPS titles then. Quake, Battlefield, etc...They all had this issue, and developers fixed it. Treyarch simply overlooked an issue.

"they need friends on the other team"
Yeah, thus there shouldnt be any crying about them CHEATING. they deserve to be banned end of story. We already know the game is broken, so dont exploit it or accept the consequences.

Its easy to spawn camp in this game, it happens in almost every game. Luckily there are people like me with enough respect for other players to ruin the stupid trap and run up in there so they stop spawning there. When its blatantly obvious like this game why would you keep doing it? Not only that but if someone is raping the hell out of my game and going 500 and 1 id leave, so would 9 out of 10 other people, thus this is called boosting.

Games broken, its obvious. Treyarch needs to fix it yes. Does that mean you have permission to cheat? NO.

ChrisGTR14598d ago

wtf? thats bullshit. i saw the video and it didnt look like he was cheating , its not his fault the games spawning system is glitched

Maddens Raiders4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

this is simply...retarded. What a terrible game.

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aryan_irani4598d ago

how about treyarch fixes the damn game so you cant get that many kills(spawn kills on the 501-8 kill/death video). its funny that instead of fixing the broken game, they ban player who play it?

SixZeroFour4598d ago

they ban boosters, and thats what that guy did...he played with friends that would stand still, shoot to reveal their posistion, etc. to help the other team get the kills...they have been banning boosters for quite some time now, so it isnt something new

HOWEVER, with that being said, i do still think that the 501 kills vid was a combination of boosters and a flawed spawn system...they fixed one problem, now they have to fix the other

DeadlyFire4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

Note to Activision. Spawn Trapping. How to fix. Dynamic spawn points. Do it.

OMG 2 spawn points right next to each other? What novice developer did that?

CrazyJ4597d ago

Seems like the easiest fix for this would just be to make the user invincible for a few seconds after spawning. This would make spawn camping a way to get yourself killed.

xxxAnubisxxx4598d ago

In this case, yes. And Black Ops for PS3, yes.

HolyOrangeCows4598d ago

Wasn't positive that people on the other team were helping until 2:32

LOL, he wasted all of that time just to lose everything in the end.

BrokenGamez4598d ago

i agree these guys are obvious wrong and asshole for doing this but i believe part of the blame is on treyarch for such a simple spawn system

Shackdaddy8364598d ago

I thought the guy made it to tell treyarch that their spawning sucks(hence him posting it on youtube and saying that he hopes treyarch fixes this). Him getting banned just means that they aren't going to attempt to fix the horrible spawn system right?

PRHB HYBRiiD4598d ago

so they banned him cause he was spawn camping/killing????its treyarch fault that the spawns are so bad not his :l

syanara4598d ago

banning them isnt going to fix the issue, they need to look at the problem and find a way to prevent that from happening.

RBLAZE19884598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

The video of that is a fake. Someone on youtube exposed it. He went to theater mode and showed that the guys on the team getting raped were just running and shooting so that the other team know where they are and getting killed and repeating. So pretty much it was just an elaborate boosting scheme with both teams in on it.

Vherostar4598d ago

This is why COD sucks people are just TOO serious with them and care about score.. When did games stop becoming fun and start becoming a competition?

ChronoJoe4598d ago

To be fair. Like 3 of the people there were probably just along for the ride, and got banned for nothing. 129-7 isn't a big deal, and what do you expect these guys to do whilst the two at the top are doing the real, spawn trapping. Leave the match? pft.

None of them should have been banned though. Just saying that the lower end guys shouldn't have, even under Treyarch's fucked up principles.

I better stop spawntrapping teams on TF2 and KZ3, maybe Valve or GG are gonna' ban me? :o if they didn't want it to happen they shouldn't have build there game so it should. They're playing perfectly, within the games rules breaching no ToS of the games or the platforms, if it was a full PSN/XBLA ban - and it'd was me, I'd see them in court. (although It'd probably be settled before that, I'm sure).

lil Titan4598d ago

glad i didn't buy this game lol definitely wont buy the next COD now as if i was BF3 BABY

fullymoated4598d ago

Yes because every black ops match looks exactly like that video. Oh, and thanks for getting your BF3 advertisement in there, just to drive home the point that you have no idea about the game that you are commenting on