Rumor: Microsoft Payoff = No PS3 Bioshock

This month's EGM reports:

"By now you've probably heard of the 360 first-person underwater adventure game BioShock. Or read about it. Or (if you're smart) finished it. But for the uninformed: Would you kindly go play it already? Thanks. Just don't expect to play it on the Playstation 3. See, my spies let slip that Microsoft handed publisher 2K a mammoth moneyhat to keep BioShock out of Sony's waters. And the extra content originally planned for the PS3 version? You just might see that on a potential Game of the Year edition for the 360."

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Omegasyde4134d ago

Is anyone actually surprised?

cloudstrife4134d ago

YOUR stupid didnt u remmeber the boss he said they got an exlusive del with micofogt.

I dont like how micooft do thing...We have to prevent them from winning the VG war...

their ways are a disgrace

tehcellownu4134d ago

this is only a love payin for exclusive but cant put some of the money to make better hardware..if like losing money then i really dont care..but for all the people who gone through so many defective microsoft is goin to lose them in the end..

CyberSentinel4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Spend money to make money Microsoft. Think long term.
10 million in advertising on Halo 3, will be made 6 times over on the first 1 million sold. (not counting limited or legendary editions)

BTW...Sony Doesn't buy game exclusives, just Blu-ray exclusivity. That's what they really care about.

@1.5: My "launch day" system has never had a single RROD or HDD crash like you and other lemmings like to "hype" with fear. I can only speak from my own experience, but so far My 360 hasn't failed me (or my friends) yet.

As for Halo 3, connected to my PC widescreen monitor set at maximum resolution, through a VGA connection, the game looks absolutely beautiful.
Bungie/Microsoft never said it would be the best looking game ever made. Even halo 1 and 2 weren't the best looking game at the time of their release. Every Halo fan knows its the control and fun factor that makes Halo so deep. If you want graphics and "limited gameplay" (small maps, no vehicles, 4x4 team play) play Gears of War. Halo is more about what matters, Gameplay.

I can't wait for KZ2 to drop so the media can take it apart. (required pre-install HDD, framerate, AI, Native resolution, voice support, lag, slowdown, campaign game length, multiplayer limits) we shall see.

Don't forget, what goes around, comes around.

@1.6: "Sorry, but the xbox brand is Microsoft which represents the most evil companies on the planet. And evil must be defeated. In the end it will be! :)"

With this statement alone, I can tell I'm speaking with a child, and therefore, no longer interested in continuing this conversation.

Gizmo_Logix4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Bill Gates pays people to like him. That's the only path he can take. Because he's surely not going to get people to buy his console/games on freewill. He knows that people love the Playstation in the long run. This is why gamers are willing to wait for the PS3 features (trophies and rumble). Put a PS3 next to a 360 when both have rumble, trophies/achievements and same or slightly better graphics. While one has RROD and disc scraching and the other does not.

In the end, Bioshock will just fade away and not get played by most PS fans. Oh well.

Mu5afir4134d ago

Maybe they should use some of that 10 million for 720p and some type of AA for Halo 3, don't you think? This is the problem with Microsoft, they over hype a game and under deliver. Halo is a great franchise, if they invested in the development of the game, rather then the hype people wouldn't feel as ripped off, as they do now.

And people wouldn't have to worry about their HDD crashing, or their 360s getting RRODs etc.. but I guess you prefer HYPE over quality. And this is why, Microsoft isn't good for gaming. They can hype up a product, but they can always under deliver. Like with Vista and all there other windows OSs.

Don't accept mediocar gaming as a standard. I hate people who say, it's OK that Halo 3 is 640p, or that it's alright that it doesn't have the best graphics. You paid for a quality experience, and you didn't get what you paid for. So, don't accept hype over gaming.

Gizmo_Logix4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

"Don't forget, what goes around, comes around."

Oh really? And you say this 10 months into the PS3 life cycle? Ha ha ha! Yep, what goes around, comes around. You sound like a Sega fan. Remember this first year. Then, compare it to the following years.

Sorry, but the xbox brand is Microsoft which represents the most evil companies on the planet. And evil must be defeated. In the end it will be! :)

As far as KZ2. Silly boy. The graphics have already been proven. It's the story and game-play we have to wait for. Oh about the Halo 3 640p. LOL! True nextgen! This is just the first sign of the 360's limit. Gears is pretty much best you will ever get graphically.

jackfatal4134d ago

y all ps3 fans they have low rate of bubbles?? and all the 360 fans have 5 and above bubbles?
i think the 360 is starting a war on us! they dont want our voice to be heard just like the "American media" with those people or countries who they say they are bla bla bla!!

i think we should give bubbles to all ps3 fans at least till 5 bubbles!!
and subtract bubbles from the 360 fans like what they do to us and we dont even realise it!!!

Texas GMR4133d ago

It happens in business. It makes the public buy your product over another.

If Sony was smart they would do this with MGS and FF franchises.

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THC CELL4134d ago

who the hell wants this game if it to come out in 2009 man we will be on games beyond better than this,

S1D3 EFFEC74133d ago

Stop complaining you big crybaby. I have been visiting this site for 2 weeks and I can already tell you're the resident Sony ass kisser.

the worst4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

look at the nice colors
look at the big daddy
look at these n*ts
who cares as long as
Socom,Uncharted: Drake's Fortune,
Killzone 2,LittleBigPlanet
doesn't get port over 2 the 360
ill buy sony consoles until i die

Captain Tuttle4134d ago

You'd be calling it the second coming and rubbing it in 360 owner's faces.

Enigma_20994134d ago

... you're the reason I hate Sony fanboys!!!

fenderputty4134d ago

Doesn't help the PS3's cause. It doesn't make you look good and, in addition it affects the rational PS3 fans. Just stop ... the game looks great. A capitalist wouldn't care about how Microsoft plays the game rather, they would wish for Sony to do the same sometimes.

I love my PS3 dude ... I can still recognize a good game when I see it.

Taker_1294134d ago

Bioshock was going to be my reason to get a 360, but luckily i played it over my friend's house before i went out and bought it. I found it to be very disappointing and I'm glad I waited, because the game played just like any other fps and that was disappointing. Well there is still Mass Effect and I know that game cant go wrong.

AcidRhain4133d ago

For the rest of your life you'll be missing out.

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SuperSaiyan44134d ago

I already read ages ago that Microsoft had a deal with 2K to keep this on Xbox 360 and PC only.

tplarkin74133d ago

It has been confirmed many times by Bioshock. It is 360 and PC exclusive.

cloud3604134d ago

Who cares we know that its an FPS game also...

Even the booss said they got exlusive deals with Micro$hit


sephiroths_revenge4134d ago

it doesnt really matter. everyone know micosfts ways. i hope they go bankrupt. i also dont like what they do.

IF FFXIII goes to 360 i swear am gonna assisinate bill gates.

If becoz onf Microsft FFVII doenst get remade. I will chop of all of his bod part and thorw em into acid.

cloud3604134d ago

Dont worry about that. i promise at one point FFVII will get remade. the game that changed my life.

I will pay to make it happen when am older. if it doesnt NOW.