Super Meat Boy Could Have Been Ported To PSN in 4 Days

RipTen: "Yes, I’m as surprised as you are. Either it’s way easier to port from Xbox to Playstation than I thought, or Team Meat is super f**king talented. I’d assume the latter.

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Hitman07693760d ago

PSN is the man, Super Meat Boy you are gonna come over eventually don't play games.

zootang3760d ago

Isn't that what people said about Braid and Castle Crashers?

Soldierone3760d ago

I didnt even buy it on Live, could care less if it came to PSN lol. Rather have the other games anyways.

Jezuz3760d ago

You should try it. So much fun and frustration

Stunt3760d ago

It's unfortunate that PSN users can't play this work of art. I enjoyed it so much. Make it happen, Team Meat!

TheFreak3760d ago

So it's that good eh? I have been thinking about downloading it, but hoped it would drop in price eventually before purchasing it. Too many games so little time and money:(

MaxXAttaxX3760d ago

Played it on friend's 360.
So I'm good.

Kon3760d ago

Team Meat said that this will NEVER happen.

CrzyFooL3760d ago

It will never come to PSN. Part of the agreement with MS.

MaxXAttaxX3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Wasn't the same said about Braid and Castle Crasher?

There's really no reason why it shouldn't be on PS3, unless there was a M$ deal.


So did 2K on Bioshok and Square-Enix on FFXIII. That's the thing about the 3rd party exclusives, they became timed as soon as they see the greens waving somewhere else, unless there is a really stuborn developer behind it (Lost Odyssey, MGS4, etc).

Megaton3760d ago

I've got it on PC, it's fantastic. Why are they avoiding the PS3 with this game?

Muitnorts3760d ago

They signed an exclusive agreement with Microsoft after they thought Sony weren't interested in it. A real shame for such a fantastic game.

Megaton3760d ago

Isn't it also on Wii though?

lepolohuevo3760d ago


Canceled due to WiiWare size restriction (40MB) :/

saladthieves3760d ago

This game is absolutely fun. It's a shame Sony and the PSN community gets to lose out on this chance.

This guy is my new hero...he's got balls of steel, I'll give him that.

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The story is too old to be commented.