Skate Review: Gamespot gives 7/10 to PS3 and 7.5/10 to Xbox 360

The differences between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Skate are a bit of give and take. The PS3 version has slightly better control, solely because its looser analog sticks are more conducive to fast trick snapping. The game has motion control support, which lets you steer by tilting the controller instead of using the left analog stick. It's disabled by default for a reason, as the huge dead zone and imprecise motion makes playing the game practically impossible with it turned on. Skate is also limited to four players online, as opposed to six on the Xbox 360, which can be a bummer in some spots; but considering how crowded some of the areas can get with six skaters, this can be a blessing in disguise. But any points the PS3 version earns are totally negated by its awful frame rate. Whether you're playing alone or online, the game drops frames all over the place when anything starts moving quickly. This is a very timing-oriented game, and having a frame rate this bad really hurts the gameplay.

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felidae4063d ago

this guy talks shiat. there are some framerate issues on the ps3 but it never gets in your way.

also he should've mention that the colours are better and the game looks a little bit sharper on the PS3 / i know both versions and would always prefer the PS3 one just because of the better look and the better controls with the Sixaxis.

Skate is a great game for PS3 and 360.

nasim4063d ago

numerous screenshots have been posted which show that ps3 version has wayy better graphics than x360 version of Skate

However we are not surprised by MS licking GAY_SPOT reviews

SonySoldiers4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

A. Please hurt/attack the xbots feelings the best you can till they get mad.

B. Do not talk/discuss about any xbot games, PS3 games are most important!

C. Praise Sony's ultimate console above anything else.

We'd like to thank y'all for the cooperation to fail the xbots and XCOW 360.

tehcellownu4063d ago

PS3 version is better because it will guranteed your be able to play it on day one purchase..

Nth RooCH4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

"I know both versions".

What sh** are you talking kid? You "KNOW" both versions. You don't HAVE both versions. I'd go so far as to guarantee you don't even own a 360, where this reviewer has played both. What he points out is that PS3 has framerate issues, which even you concur. But where he sees this as unacceptable, you claim it "doesn't get in the way". And another point being that the PS3 only has 4 player online, where 360 has 6. Two points where the 360 outperforms the PS3 version. Why does that not warrant a slight (0.6 of a point) difference in score?

Let me guess, because the lower scored one is your favourite console right? F***ing fanboys. You make discussing gaming suck you know that?

SWORDF1SH4062d ago

yes the ps3 is a little rougher around the edges and when i a a little it is only a little and theres also a frame rate problem. in psm3 (a reliable playstation mag) they mentioned this but they also said the ps3 as better textures. maybe overal the 360 gets it. i think this review is bs anyway coz 7 and 7.5 is way to low for skate. psm3 gave it 91/100 and they justify there score. btw chuckin about insults like that makes you sound like a bigger fanboy than the other guy so shut up and dont act like a child.

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4062d ago

its rabid fanboyism like this that make gaming news sites almost unreadable. i love my ps3 but there is no need to take it that far.

anyway, i personally have never had a problem w/ the frame rate of the ps3 version. the only real complaint i have about the game is the AI of the ppl walking around. they walk in front of you then just stand there looking at you. GET OUT OF MY WAY!

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reaferfore204063d ago

Yeah it'll be nice when they get over the framerate thing. I'm definatly not going to buy a game for PS3 if it has a lower framerate.

JustCallMeDaddy4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

If you are going to disagree with someone state your reasons! Other ways just STFU.

I'm tired of fanboys that as soon as they hear something bad about their console or a game on the console, they get all pissed and start disagreeing for no apparent reason. No console is perfect so just please, live with it!

Ps: This message is not for you reaferfore20, but for the people that disagreed with you and... just read the comment.

tehcellownu4063d ago

yet u guys buy crappy system that will die..the 360 is a joke at least i can play the game and not worry about it bricking my ps3.

cloud3604063d ago

Arghhh. this isnt fair. we all saw the comparisons..

What fanboys

But then again this game was created by EA....and peter moores influence

BrotherSic4063d ago

another disappointing review by GameSpot; really going off GameSpot at the moment.

The reviewer doesn't seem that he really understands what skate is all about and thats skating. I have had so much fun in the demo I cant wait to get the game in a couple of days. I also loved this part of the review:

"The online performance can be a little spotty and seems to really depend on the connection speeds of the other players, as well as your own."

what? online play is dependent on users' internet speed? who would have guessed ;)

+ I haven't read about the PS3 framerate problems in any other review so it might have just been there copy.

bluebrad19744063d ago

The ps3's overrated (cpu/gpu) Cell processor strikes again.

Enigma_20994063d ago

... more power under the hood.

Face it, Sally... if the cell processor was running in your 360, you'd be bragging about it to no end.

Obviously there's a learning curve with learning new hardware. Always has been. When a developer finally figures out the system, wonderful things can happen. You know, as opposed to a PC masquerading as a console... What I'm glad of is that they haven't made a comment yet about how the framerate issues are solely blamed on the PS3, and not their inexperience with the console... because they're EA... and EA's infallible...

Oh, who am I kidding... I give 'em about a week.

xg-ei8ht4063d ago

What a noob you are.

You know nothing of tech, and nothing about the cell.

EA just have not figured it all out yet, not even close. using just the ppu, lmfao. no spu's were used.

Just like valve, for hl2, haven't used the spu's yet.

Uncharted is alot better looking with alot more going on and runs at 60fps. So before you knock cell, learn alittle about it.

bluebrad19744063d ago

I know more about the Cell than 90% of the sony brainwashed idiots on this website.

DJ4063d ago

you Think you know. And don't use the term ___-bots; it just goes to how how immature you are.

Rockstar4063d ago

Welcome to my growing ignore list!



gerrard4063d ago

The only Cells you know are the ones missing from your brain!

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