MLG Releases Official Halo 3 Rules

With the current Major League Gaming season coming to an end everyone is looking forward to next season to see who will reign supreme in Halo 3. Well, good news for everyone looking to get the upper hand because MLG has recently released the official Halo 3 game types so you could start practicing before Halo 3 even enters the MLG circuit. Remember to check back October 12th - 15th for MLG Las Vegas coverage.

You can download the game types at source

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Schmitty074090d ago

The water the game down to one weapon for 'balance'

FirstknighT4089d ago

The battle rifle is just the starting weapon. Sniper, sword, shotgun, carbine, etc... is all used in MLG.

FirstknighT4089d ago

Can't wait for the intense tactical battles. MLG is one of the major gaming leagues around. I'm sure Halo 3 will create a bigger following into MLG.