Bulletstorm sales figures to exceed 4.5 million

EA’s newest I.P., Bulletstorm, presents an interesting case of a brand-new franchise emerging from a very established developer, making HULIQ’s retail sales projection somewhat challenging to accurately establish.

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TheBossMan3730d ago

I'll believe it when it happens.

SasanovaS19873730d ago

i call 2 million lifetime sales,

ok go

Pixelated_Army3730d ago

500,000 max, no way this is getting anywhere near to the mill mark.

zootang3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Well it struggled on it's first week in the UK with Killzone 3 topping the charts and people say that the 360 is more popular in the UK. So I don't know what that means?

Those are combined figures

gamingdroid3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

"Well it struggled on it's first week in the UK with Killzone 3 topping the charts"

Yeah, it struggled at position number 2!!! /s

Army_of_Darkness3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Bulletstorm is a pretty good and fun game too! Im gonna pick this up to:-) D

trounbyfire3730d ago

1.3 million which to me any game over 1 million is a success.
i think you are right, as much as people want to think its the second coming of shooters its not it a very neigh game.

plus and don't hate me but that damn engine should be retired and developers that can make it look different stopped using it.

EVILDEAD3603730d ago

'plus and don't hate me but that damn engine should be retired and developers that can make it look different stopped using it.'

Batman: Arkham Asylam, Borderlands, and and Gears 3 say GTFOH..

That engine has been the source for some of the greatest games this gen..

If all developers had the resouces to build engines they would..The only reason the hate started was because the success of Gears.

On topic..Bulletstorm is getting alot of love..but 4.5 definately seems pretty high at the moment..word of mouth would have to be pretty good..but the fact that EVERYONE on LIVE can get into the beta changes the incentive for the late game purchase push

I pick up mine tommorow..


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gamingdroid3730d ago

I will be believe it when I see it from a reputable source. Who the heck is Huliq?

Surfaced3730d ago

If you actually dig deep in that source, the 4.5m figure came from "Sales through the end of the year". Still unlikely but infinitely more feasible.

Of course 4.5m in one week is absurd. Few games have that kind of pull, and certainly no fresh IP ever has.

FragGen3730d ago

+1. This title has rental written all over it.

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BrianC62343730d ago

Of course this game is selling better on the 360. Most PS3 gamers want Killzone 3. It was strange to release this game the same day Killzone 3 came out.

Thoreau3730d ago

sheeple will buy this mess...

palaeomerus3730d ago

The "sheeple" are the ones flocking to Bulletstorm threads to complain about it without ever playing it.

Thoreau3730d ago

i am not complaining but if you are dummy enough to spend 60 bones on bulletstorm then you are a sheeple.

Thoreau3730d ago

go ahead and disagree me. bulletstorm sucks, i know it is just my view but [email protected]

if you only own a 360 then go play bulletstorm, you know the game without competitive multiplayer, or lobbies, so you can only play people on your buddy list until they patch it. lame horde mode, yeah it is lame.

i am not stating this because, oh that guy thoreau is a sony fan

psn-southpaw79 (if any of you hating on kz3 that actually have a ps3)

xbl-heavens boxer (i have not been on since halo:reach, but i will return for gears of war3)

bottom line is this game is trash, and i would love to see how many people will be on this game in 3 months......

MadMax3729d ago

No one in here gives a shit about your lame opinion. I mean seriously, you are nobody lol. You have no business playing games nor commenting on something you know absolutely nothing about. Take a hike troll!

Raven_Nomad3730d ago

I called those numbers way back before the games release. I figured 3-4 million XBox 360 owners would buy the game, then maybe another 1 million between P.C. and PS3.

BulletStorm has a very Gears feeling to it, but it's something totally fresh and new. I love it, took me almost 11 hours to beat it the first time, now I amped up the difficulty and I'm going to beat it again.

Since Killzone 2 only sold slightly over 2 million and Killzone 3 is doing worse in sales than that game,the math isn't hard to figure out.

Always happy to see and support a new IP rather then sequel of a sequel.

PshycoNinja3730d ago

But... Killzone 3 is selling better than Bulletstorm according to the UK and US charts. So either Killzone 3 sold over 4.5 million or this is just EA and Epic doing damage control and a lot spining.

Raven_Nomad3730d ago

Show me where Killzone 3 is doing better then BulletStorm in the US?

I saw the article that said it edged it in the UK, but that also said it's well behind where Killzone 2 was. Also, where I live, plenty of KZ3, sold out of BulletStorm at Walmart and Gamestop. 300+ people at the BulletStorm midnight release as well.

Don't underestimate the Gears fans buying this game. Also, this article is saying "They expect it to sell that much" not that it has.

Multiplat games will usually sell better then exclusives, unless it's like Halo or Mario or something.

nightmarex1213730d ago

Well kz3 probably sold around 3 million as well if you look at the leader boards.

-Alpha3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

The leaderboards indicate no more than 365,152 recorded players to have logged on to the multiplayer servers.

190K from America, Around 100K for Europe, and then the rest of the world is broken up for the remainder.

It sure as hell isn't 3 million from the leaderboards, unless I'm looking at the wrong leaderboards

nightmarex1213730d ago

Yeah thats right but those are pages its not one person per one page their 10 so multiply it by 10.

-Alpha3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

That's not true. The page shows "15 players" out of "365,152 players" per page

This means that there are 365K players and they show 15 per page out of that 365K players

So, if you go to the top of the leaderboard, it says "1 / 15 of 366205"

nightmarex1213730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Oh yeah i see it now my b, well it was 1/10 before but i guess they changed it. Shit i thought kz3 going to at least sell 1 million. Whats are the bullet storm leaderboards like?

likedamaster3730d ago

Without alpha-male22, n4g would be a complete and utter cesspool. Bubbles Alpha'.

(no offense nightmarex121)

Agent_S3730d ago

Damn... that 3 bubble got checked by that 8 bubble.

Raven_Nomad3730d ago

Those are really low numbers for a new game that is supposed to be a killer app for the PS3. In comparison, right now on COD Black Ops, there are 3.1 million online users right now.

Close to 1 million on Reach as well, guess we'll have to wait for Killzone 4 to be the COD/Halo Killer huh? Especially when it cant even take care of new ips like BulletStorm.

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cochise3133729d ago

where was this mid night release sir?

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