Halo 3 Review: 8.5/10 (Digital Entertainment News)

The purpose of any review--whether it be for a video game, movie, or some sort of product--is to advise consumers on what to spend their money. Halo 3 can wholeheartedly be recommended for purchase within such a paradigm, despite a number of elements marring the experience. It's easy to outline the shortcomings of this much-anticipated title, yet what matters is not the incantations of rabid fans and bitter rejoinders of series naysayers; rather, the important point to be made is that Halo 3 is worthwhile play even if it isn't the perfect game everyone expects.

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Blasphemy4089d ago

Finally, honest reviews are coming in.

ShiftyLookingCow4089d ago

did you even play the game?
"- Repetitive level design " yeah right like about 1-2/12 of the whole game there is backtracking. Their opinion about weapons seems to be a personal opinion that most people won't agree with. Heck Halo MP is popular because of its polish in that kind of stuff.

When I approved I was expecting something about perhaps story or graphics(the common complaints) which they maybe thought was not negatable by the other positives.

MK_Red4089d ago

Good point DarthNihilus on lack of Graphics and Story problems in "What Doesn't"/Negatives part.

I was expecting the 8.5 to be because of graphics and to a lesser extend the story.

MADGameR4089d ago

YES I have played Halo 3 today with my friend. Its good but..meh........... I dunno. The only thing I want to see is Halo 3 Multiplayer. The story seems boring.. AGAIN! Like Halo 2! The Master chief was modeled quite a bit better than Halo 2. If you look at Johnson's ear in the beginning of the story when they find the Master chief on the ground, his ear looks weird, its blurred. The game plays basically the same as Halo 2 with a slight difference, you have to hit the Right Trigger to get a weapon, into a vehicle, etc. I noticed that the map Zanzibar had some differences, with some of the areas, the water is more detailed than in Halo 2. It is enough to be considered next gen graphics but not enough for me to hype it. I consider Halo 1 multiplayer on PC the best and most fun. The X Box 360 controller on this game is.....meh. The game overall seems like a shaped into a great game. 9/10 I would give it, and I'm not even a Halo fan. And don't give me that BS because X Box fans themselves were complaining about the graphics so just be glad I gave it a great rating.

MK_Red4089d ago

Article has few problems but biggest one IMO is:
"Its phenomenal online gameplay is second to none" I mean, Halo 3 multiplayer is superb and may be the best console one but come on. Have they (reviewers) ever played Unreal Tournoment, Quake 3, Counter Strike and BattleField 2?

Genki4089d ago

"Second to none" "Best ever" "unparalleled" etc. are used very loosely these days.

Hell, I've run into several individuals that use the term "literally" when they really DON'T mean what they say in a literal sense.

"That ice cream is to die for! Literally!"


hgdaniel4089d ago

I think he meant the best shooter on a console

Jdash244089d ago

the IWHBYD skull has been found

ima do it tomorrow, but thats how to get it, make sure you do it right because the skull wont be there otherwise

synetic4089d ago

humm in my opinion ( if someone wanna know ) i think the game deserve 9.0

8.5 single player
9.5 multiplayer

but indeed the game is not much diferent from halo 2 only the graphics are better

Gizmo_Logix4089d ago

8.5 single player
9.5 multiplayer

Noodlecup4089d ago

They should've just released Halo 3 as a multiplayer only game, the singleplayer isn't worth a penny when compared to most other FPS singleplayer modes out there. The multiplayer is where it shines if you enjoy console multiplayer, I personally think it's a mediocre experience when compared to PC gaming.

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