Gamespot gives Enemy Territory: Quake Wars a 8.5

If you took 2003's freely downloadable Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and mashed it together with the Battlefield games, you might come up with something like Quake Wars. Of course, the whole business of the original Enemy Territory's Allies and Axis have been replaced by the humans and Strogg from the Quake universe, but the basic nature of the gameplay is unchanged. Two opposing teams still duke it out while attempting to complete a series of objectives, though this time you can jump into a bunch of different vehicles and aircraft to carry out your assaults. The concept itself isn't really new, but it's put together extremely well, and its mission-focused gameplay will appeal to veterans of these types of shooters, as well as those who have previously been intimidated by them.

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narked4037d ago

so gamespot give 9.5 to halo 3, which is excatly like the other halos. they dont say its the same. then they give 8.5 to etqw, cause its got some features like the previous et.
Halo 3 was given a good score cause its halo, not cause its a good game.

Bolts4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Quake War is like a more focused verison of Battlefield, instead of scrambling all over the damn map caping flags, you and team must control certain choke points to advance and eventually cap the enemy's HQ or whatever. This focus make the battles much more intense and its easier to find the action.

In short it pwns Halo in the face.

Rageaholic4037d ago

There are money/marketing incentives involved.

I started to laugh and choke when I was viewing the Perfect Dark Review.

Either the guy was A TOTAL xbox fanboy or he was paid.

picker3324037d ago

This game's release date for the ps3 is 2007-10-15...
Not that i care,I't look's like a bf2 remake or something.
Plus it's too many good games coming then so im not gonna get this.

tk4037d ago

Regardless of what the press say... it looks worthwhile. The whole Halo, Bioshock, Lair, Warhawk fiasco made me distrust the gaming press will / ability to actually give worthwhile feedback.

The 10/10 and 4/10 scores based on platform preference ruined the gaming press reputation.

narked4037d ago

agree with u mate. gamespot seem to be liking more the xbox 360 over pc and ps3, for almost all games. this really ruins the reviews.