Assassin's Creed Video Interview

Brand new Assassin's Creed interview from IGN.

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DemiseofPandas5006d ago

This video took away anydoubts I had about the game. Everything looked great before, but I wasn't feeling the battle system. But all this "tweaking" is really turning this into an overall awesome package. Definately a must buy for me.

ATLRoAcH5006d ago

This video shows a little more of the combat system.It looks as if the straight forward run and gun 'em moves are better, at first I thought it would be an all counter combat system but I see they've added to it.I've already pre-ordered the limited edition so I'm pretty sure that its going to be an awesome game.Ubisoft knows what there doing.

Bolts5006d ago

This Canadian guy sounds totally retarded.

Kotaku5006d ago

The demo I got my hands on at this year TGS was nothing but great.
The best part was running from the guards and climbing a house for a better view of scape. this game sets foot on a hall new level.

I Strongly recommend to go and reserved you copy.

[email protected]5006d ago

Where's Jade? This guy almost make *yawn**yawn* but the combat look really good now. I can't wait until November PS3 collector version here I come.


All cuz Kojima was MAD excited about the game
that was enuff to make me get the game! I know its kinda lame,but hey
It looks good, and its endorsed by one of the greatest

Gotta Get it