Haze is a ps3 exclusive, and rumble to come this holiday season?

Haze latest trailers indicates that the PS3 'Touchsense' rumble Controller could still come this Holiday season. Check it out.

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ATLRoAcH4091d ago

They do make it seem that the controller is still coming this year.But that is just speculation.

Time Lord4091d ago

otherwise why advertise it this early, when its coming out next year.

BISHOP-BRASIL4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

This X360 controller in early development means nothing, just like PS3 compatible code in Bioshock.

But, I agree this must come for 360, simple cause this is a new franchise, and new franchises tend to go multiplatform, so this would be where i bet my money if I have to. And also cause this is published by Ubisoft, and Ubisoft is all in for the multiplat market, the same goes for Splinter Cell 5 (which not only is published by Ubisoft, but also developed by one of its studios), just like Haze run from Halo, SC5 run from MGS4...

Edit: Sorry, I hit the wrong "reply" button.

eXplotion4090d ago

that haze is coming this christmas not rumble

secret4090d ago

The xbots are still staring, eyes glazed over and empty, at the smoke and mirrors Microsoft is blowing at them.

Turn on the the bright lights, and you'll see that the girl isn't as pretty as she looks when the lights were turned off --> Gears of War dark and gritty **cough. (hiccup** too while I'm at it). There's a reason why Gears was intentionally made dark and short? Smoke and mirrors anyone? There's a reason an ugly girl wants to have sex with the lights turned off or dimmed down? So you can't see how ugly she really is. Trickery for the easily fooled.

Turn on the the lights or shine a bright light on Gears of War, and out of the darkness, after your eyes have adjusted, you'll see that you've been sleeping with --> HALO 3 all along. Turn on the lights, and you get Halo3. Same goes for the dark Bioshock. Flash a light bulb on Bioshock, and you'll see Halo 3 again. The ugly girl looks good only in dimmed lighting. Caution.

Notice the amount of leaves and grass in this game called HAZE. This should be enough to convince you of the power of the PS3. There are no deceptions here with magical artistic deceptions to compensate for a low quality hardware to fool the gullible.

These are a gazillion leaves in open daylight where you can see them in all their glory. No light dimming. No painted leaves. They're all made one by one. Count them all. If HAZE had been multiplatform with the xbox360 in mind, well, lookie here. Suddenly most of the game is in night time. Suddenly, there are more boulders and open plains than an ocean of individually bladed grass and leaves and branches. Suddenly, the campain is only 5 levels with only four enemeis on screen at a time. Remember in the 8-bit days when you fight a huge boss? They' make all the backgrounds black. Smoke and mirrors. But everyone would say, "wow, the NES has awesome graphics. That boss filled half the screen."

But if this is not enough to prove once and for all that the xbox360 sucks, take a look at Grand Turismo 5. That game will forever seal the deal and draw a line between the two consoles. To the left of the line, everything that's xbox360 and multiplatform developed with the xbox360 in mind. Everything to the right of that line, the PS3.

Smoke and mirrors? EGM would rate jessica simpson as a perfect 10 female in looks, albeit. I'd stick to Jessica Alba (or Paris Hilton), in terms of looks, that is. You'd wave the EGM magazine all over my face while you seek out Jessica Simpson's looks. In contrast, I'm waking up with Jessica Alba in bed with me (plus she cooks for me), and I'd tell you that I'm pretty happy with Jessica Alba, someone I find way more attractive and productive. You can hold on to your magazine for proof though...But for me, proof is in the pudding.

Throw in Gamepro while you're at it.

Sadly, I've always noticed that the xbox360 is dumming down this generations graphics due to its limited hardware capabilities. Listen, most developers will want to focus on the xbox360 because they can sell more games because of the larger gullible fanbase prone to be mesmerized by smoke and mirrors and hype (they probably own a Wii by now). Almost all developers will make the ports and multiplatforms for hte PS3 very similar to the quality of the xbox360. And therefore, all gamers this generation has suffered and might continue to suffer from the xbox360 graphical limitations. Mediocre graphics. Microsoft is a liability this generation.

Think of a slow car that got to the freeway early in the morning ahead of everyone and is now causing a massive graphical traffic jam because it got there first and is only mediocre in speed. Because it still wants to be first, all gamers will suffer. Get that 60mph hunk of junk xbox360 off the freeway. What a disservice to gaming society by insisting on being upfront while it's overheating and slow and clunking along at 60mph when everyone has work to do and wants to go faster, xbox360. Greedy, selfish. Think of society for once and not yourself.

The most recent MGS4 trailers after Beauty & the Beast all look suspicisouly low quality. This is a suggestion that Kojima might be contemplating a possible crossover to the xbox360 by "future proofing it" for the xbox360's limiations. Perhaps some kind of deal with Microsoft is pending and Kojima is just prepping the game to appear on the xbox360 just in case any deals do go through. And so, the graphical crime on this generation has occured again. Capping off this generation's potential to the limitations of that slow car up front, getting in everyone's way and causing a huge slow down traffic jam and smiling smugly as everyone is late to work or school and car horns are blaring. All because it got on the freeway first. The car is smoking, ready to blow up, and is slow. Get it out off the road so that traffic and flow again.

Look at Final Fantasy XIII, and you know for sure that cannot go multiplatform based on the graphics.

Look at the PS3, the model citizen. Blazing breakneck speed graphics to clear up the freeway from traffic jams. Folding to help the entire world through research of medicine and space and societal issues, according to Stanford University and government & not-for profit groups.

All xboxts and microsoft care about, in contrast, is hurting people in hope to benefit themselves somehow. They seem to care about their own consoles than the well-being of humans by abusing anyone who talks down on their xbox360. And Microsoft is even worse. It's knowingly continuing to realease faulty hardware on its own xbots. Why? Doesn't it even care about it's own supporters? Do they care about you xbots by doing this?

And if you're buying a PS3, you won't miss out on anything. Here's something for you to think about:::::

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To think that you can watch bluray movies in all its glory, too, in addition to playing the game shown above. Spiderman 3 and Harry Potter anyone?

Oh, and another thing. XBOTS will have spend the most money this generation. They're the most gullible. Smoke and mirrors can get them to rebuy the same machine over and over again even when it breaks. Smoke and mirrors can get them to think that Gears of War is actually a grpahical breakthrough. Smoke and mirrors can get them to think that they're saving money with the xbox360.

Here, try this.
Add your xbox360 console cost
Add your HD-DVD and / or Bluray player (most likely a PS3, especially if you like games, too)
Add movie costs
Add $100-$400 internet fees for the life of the console
Add game accessories (wi-fi, gamepads, and so on)
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Add Wii to experience motion sensing

Deduct and add whatever applies to you

Now tell me how much money you've saved...

PS3 owners get a free bluray player, a free PS2, a free PS1, a free xbox360 when coupled with the PC computer versions of Halo, Gears, and Bioschock along with ports of xbox360 games with mediocre xbox360 graphics because developers focus on the console with a larger fan base to make more money that way, a free SACD player, a free video chat to save long distance phone bills, a free linux computer, and anything else?

And if I don't like Gears of War, Bioshock, or Halo and all those other psycho death metal crack cocaine games that I'm sure prison inamates and mass murderers would prefer (compared to games Hillary Clinton would prefer), why should I buy an xbox360? For it's price and other issues, why would I want it? What else does it do?


poet2154090d ago

I've been a happy PS3 owner since launch day. I'm also glad to see you show so much enthusiasim for PS3. But, seriously, you gotta stop writing scrolls & posting them. They're basically the same message everytime & they are all entirely far too long. Shorten it up some please.

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Spike474091d ago

trust me, better to face that reality now then later when people will say that yhe ps3 lost an exclsuive and all that bs.

the game looks awesome.

Time Lord4091d ago

So they gonna wait for halo3 hype to die down before releasing it for 360.

americanGTA4090d ago

ITS NOT GONNA COME OUT ON THE 360! why do people say "timed exclusive"?!??!!?

osirisomeomi4090d ago

They say that because it's known for a fact. In the devloper videos, you see them developing it iwth the xbox controller, in interviews, you see many references to an xbox 360 version coming out next year. It'll come out for the xbox, just later.

osirisomeomi4090d ago

They say that because it's known for a fact. In the devloper videos, you see them developing it iwth the xbox controller, in interviews, you see many references to an xbox 360 version coming out next year. It'll come out for the xbox, just later.

crck4090d ago

in those developer videos leading up to E3.

gerrard4090d ago

Halo 3 not giving you satifaction (or scratched up)? It's PS3 exclusive! get over it

superdude4090d ago

i suppose thats why the developer said it was ps3 only, as in not coming to the 360 at all?

Omegasyde4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Q:Why is Haze PS3 exclusive?

A: Once completed, the Haze development Studios (Free Radical) are doing a big Multiplayer focused game next. They don't have time for the 360 version (Could some other Ubisoft team code it for the 360? perhaps). Since Free Radical are focused on a new franchise that is similar to "time splitters style" of play. I am sure that next game will go multi platform perhaps. Most of the studio helped make goldeneye 64 and timesplitters, which are 2 splitscreen classics.

SWORDF1SH4090d ago

last i heard was that it could go exclusive. not sure if it has. but the big reason that it could go exclusive is because sony have a great relationship with free radical.

TheExecutive4090d ago

If you dont call timed exclusives an exclusive then the 360 has little to no exclusives...

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hotshot12374091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

now you might hear exclusively on this system, coming blablabla. but not in the wording they advertized it. i agree SPIKE47. lets just get it out the way now

@spike, i meant to put agree but i accidentely clicked disagree

Jdash244091d ago

fingers crossed that they do launch it this year

Idmpc4091d ago

To me, they're just saying the release date for the game itself, and that it will have support for rumble. Even though, I'd love to finally get my hands on one of those controllers (and haze, for that matter) for my PS3 :)