PS3 Too Far Behind Wii and Xbox 360 in Launch to Date US Sales

"The video game industry is very similar to sports in the sense that stats are analyzed, argued over and then reanalyzed again to the point that it's hard to tell what all the numbers really mean. Industry execs and even fanboys like to throw out numbers monthly depending on whether or not those numbers promote that individuals argument or business position. There's one thing that can't be debated and that is the simple breakdown of launch-to-date sales in the United States."

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GunShotEddy4895d ago

in the US though? Japan sells a lot more I think. Wow though on Nintnedo DS sales!

charlescox44895d ago

DS is F'ing killing it! But most should remember that the Gameboy, GBA and so on, all had very impressive sales numbers. Portables tend to outsell home consoles.

vgn244895d ago

Portables outsell home consoles if they have the Nintendo logo somewhere on them. WonderSwan, Lynx, GameGear and many others are examples that only Nintendo handhelds dominate.

Weird that the PSP has outsold the PS3 in the US though.

Fred-G-Sanford4895d ago

I love my PSP, but whenever I look over at my PS3 I just shake my head and laugh. lol

I have owned every one of Sony's consoles so far, but after being so disappointed with the PS3 I will be thinking long and hard about purchasing the PS4.

It's as if Sony is out of touch with what the american gamer wants, and their arrogance appears to be making them unwilling to change at this point.

They have already went from first to worst in a single generation, and if they want that to stop they better start listening to what american gamers are saying (with their wallets).

Chromer4895d ago

Sanford I seriously doubt you have a PS3. If you are so "disappointed" in it, then you should have no problem selling it for another console right? Get out of here troll.

Pixelated_Army4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

By 2 mill, it looks like a pretty tight race to me. Oh I see this is a bullshit article that only talks about US sales and ignores the rest of the market. Ok then, carry on with your pointless argument.

zootang4895d ago

Funny thing is The PSP has been demolishing the DS in Japan lately. 3DS launch over 2 days only sold 400,000.

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GrandTheftZamboni4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

"PS3 Too Far Behind Wii and Xbox 360 in Launch to Date US Sales"

Wii - 40,586,525
Xbox 360 - 30,493,137
PS3 - 18,786,727

PS3 is 12 million behind the 360. 360 is 10 million behind Wii.

So, 10 million behind means leading, and 12 million behind means "too far behind".

Yeah, gameplaytoday.com, unbiased way to present the sales figures. /S

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RockmanII74895d ago

You know that's actually a pretty good point.

MaximusPrime4895d ago

Hmm the article's chart shows two NDS and no PS3. I take it that PS3 is the second NDS. /s

Who I'm kidding, USA is indeed a tough country to crack, Sony. Thanks goodness I'm an European living in Europe, Sony's strong market.

vgn244895d ago

Tough to crack? You do know that Sony was number one in the US the last two generations. You don't crack a nut you already have open.

MaximusPrime4895d ago

True but I'm talking about PS3. Xbox 360 seems to dominate USA since it launched but PS3 is catching up thou.

lexington4894d ago

Xbox 360 is mopping up on ps3 and has been from the beginning. Sony priced itself out early on and now are having to play catch up.

clrlite4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

It wasn't too tough to crack for the 260. Sony will not truly dominate here unless they continue to improve their marketing, or their "competition" blunders(they may have). When the PS3 gets down to a mass market price point, Sony might start a heavier mass market marketing campaign here again. If not, whatever they have to offer will be swept under the rug as public interest and opinion will not be in their favor. That's not to say the PS3 wont sell well anyway. These are just some of my thoughts....

Anyway, the PS3 sells pretty well here. I know a LOT of people with PS3s, so don't let anyone fool ya'.

Sizzon4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

In the US huh?

here in Europe it's doing really good job with huge sellers such as FIFA 11 and Gran Turismo 5.

YourCall4895d ago

Uh...The article was about the US. Why are you bringing up Europe. What are you now adding you own chapter to the article?

Mr_Luke4895d ago

Why can't he? He's just comparing, like all the other ppl keep doing here around.

YourCall4894d ago

Yeah that makes it rigt...shut up and mind your own business.

Stealth20k4895d ago

its sad how me me me me american journalism is. The ps3 will soon be number 2 worldwide and the 260 will be dead last. Whats the better position now?

Optical_Matrix4895d ago

And the FUD begins. Far behind in the US, yet somehow you fail to mention the 2.1 million unit difference worldwide. As for the Wii...we know its won.

Agent_S4895d ago (Edited 4895d ago )

Did you miss the part where they are going to take a look at the japanese market next week, where they mention its horrible for the Xbox 360? Did you not read the title of this article where they specifically say US(United States if you were strugging to grasp that) sales? Who knows maybe they'll take a look at all the markets individually then all together?? Its a pointless article but no one was lied to.