ztgamedomain: Halo 3 Review 10/10

N4G sister site(ztgamedomain) have review Halo 3 with a Perfect score of

+ Incredibly Customizable Multi-Player
+ Saved Films Are Addictive
+ Four Player Co-Op Online
+ Best Package For Your Sixty Bucks
- Campaign Is A Bit Short
- Graphics Won't Blow You Away

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Kotaku4037d ago

I did not wanted you to take my tip, Jk. I was busy doing other stuff and when I came back you have already submitted the story.
I found out few hours ago about that website, Which is great by the way.

The game is very good but to many kids online makes you have the need to lock the rooms.

HeartlesskizZ4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Sorry I could not help it, I wanted that Review for very long =) and the tip just seating there was a huge temptation haha!. thanks anyways.

Ok now I really had to go to bed. Bey

Kotaku4037d ago

Well have a good night and no problems about the tips.(I was just kidding around)

Venom_Blood4037d ago

10/10? wow nice.
I never visited this site b4. it looks great!!!

Silver3604036d ago

You should listen to their podcast too

Luck_y_Penny4037d ago

how is this game 10/10 if there are cons?

wangdiddy824037d ago

ok so why didnt warhawk get a perfect 10???? the only thing good about halo 3 is its multi player online.. Which isnt that good either.. Its halo 2 with forge and re play vids.. WOW..

This is a joke yo.. Game reviewers i have something to tell yall.. U suck

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The story is too old to be commented.