Pirates are Ruining Crysis 2 - EA Has to React

EA and Crytek are losing a lot of money due to the fact that Crysis 2 has been leaked earlier this month, and the only way they could remedy the situation is to give honest consumers the option to buy the game legitimately and not be tempted to pirate it.

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awiseman3651d ago

Give honest consumers the option to buy the game? What the hell are they doing now then? Giving it away for free?

Criminal3651d ago

Well, at the moment the only option for consumers to play the game is to pirate it.

Substance1013651d ago

Crysis sold 3.5m copies on PC alone as of may 2010, by now its probably over 4m. Pirates will always pirate it, however i do feel real buyers who havent been given a chance to demo the game will end up torrenting the leak to see what the game is like, in the end they will probably end up buying it.

hiredhelp3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

i totally agree alot of people forget the obvious. PEOPLE WHO CHOOSE TO PIRATE THIS GAME.will always do it no matter what. it wont effect sales because them sales lost would have been lost before the game was leaked .why cos thoes loss sales were going to be downloaders so eaither way. these company's arnt looseing cos they know there gonna loose few million to piraters. ever game has the same loss but they sell to the people that want to buy orignal games with decent hard money yes.

every dev pleads not to take the easy option and only the ones that stand firm and hate pirating will by there games. but the piraters will always pirate simple. been going for years will still go for years more to come. hell im 33. it was happening when i had c64. dont think doing it on the spectrum TAPE TO TAPE. CARTRIDGE COPY TO CARTRIDGE BLANKS. cd'to cd now today its ISO burning to dvd and cd's

chainer30003650d ago

The issue is not that it was pirated; it was that it was pirated this long before launch. it's pretty devastating to have your game widespread available to anyone who knows how to run a torrent or has an account with popular host sites to your sales figure, especially with over a month of being leaked BEFORE launch.

gcolley3650d ago

95% of crysis 1 players pirated the game. Crytek's words not mine. this is why Crysis 2 is on consoles, again their words. i am amazed anything gets released solely on PC these days, unless it is subscription based. there is just no money in it no matter what the PC elitists say on this site.

inveni03650d ago

I don't think that releasing on consoles is a solution to piracy. Sure, it may make more sales, but it also fosters more piracy. Now that the PS3 is open, there's no place safe for a game. To fight piracy, they need to offer something people want. Multi-player alone won't do it.

PotatoClock3650d ago


4 Million copies sold doesn't make companies money anymore?
By your logic, wether its on console or PC, everyone except Acti is screwed then.

Back to topic:
They're reading far too much into how many copies have been downloaded. Its not lost sales, in fact I'd bet the majority are people who want to try before they buy day 1. Thats the job of a demo but obviously big money for an exclusive on one system screwed everyone except Xbox owners out of that.

They should wait for the actual release before calling murder on their sales.
Though naturally they won't and will still count the pirated copies as "lost sales"

Substance1013650d ago


"there is just no money in it no matter what the PC elitists say on this site."

So how do you think Crytek funded crysis 2 if PC has no money?

Its obvious Crysis 1 sold very well which is why they were able to fund and survive for so many years.

How many PS3 or Xbox exclusives do we see selling past the 4m mark? not many its a small handful of games.

DeadlyFire3650d ago

Want players to stop pirating games. Just reinvent the way games are activated.

Every game installs with a CD Key its been the same since 1990 as far as I can remember. Reinvent that. Lock it in.

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JsonHenry3651d ago

I could pirate it right now. But I am waiting for the final build at retail.

Krakn3Dfx3651d ago

Why would they release an unfinished game? Think.

chainer30003650d ago

from what I've seen from the dev build, it's pretty damn close to done. I would be honestly surprised if it was 100% done yet and just have the month of printing copies left.

Vherostar3650d ago

exactly I dont get the point of this article they allow consumers to buy it anyway. They gonna remove the privilege if pirates stop uploading it?

RatherHavaBigGirl3650d ago

the big question is who released it? sounds like an internal problem at ea than about pirates to me

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RedDead3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I don't are they ruining it exactly? And what is the point of this article?

Edit-- Spoilers actually...

Yeah I get that...just that the title is that Crysis 2 is being ruined

Criminal3651d ago

It's a suggestion for EA to release Crysis 2 early to fight piracy.

Blad3star3651d ago

Yeah but do we want a buggy game because of this.

despair3651d ago

that makes no sense, the pirated version is really buggy and that's January build, believe me, other than curiosity it makes no sense to play the leaked version. It has many graphical and texture problems, crashes a lot, sound problems and other things I forgot.

Releasing early will just hurt Crytek more than help as Crysis 2 will then get bashed and rated down for being buggy and incomplete.

DragonKnight3651d ago

So you've pirated then eh Despair?

DaTruth3650d ago

Also PS3 and 360 owners would get to rub it in PC guys faces that console owners have the definitive version of a multiplat!

hassi943650d ago

Silly idea, the game will sell fine. I downloaded the leak and it has got me very interested, played about half an hour of a level, then deleted it. I'm waiting on the demo now. If the PC demo comes out and I can run it well, then I'll buy it, if not I'll wait until I get my new graphics card later in the year then get it.

People need to stop making such a big deal out of this, things happen and this game has a large fanbase, I recently decided to delete all my pirated games off of my PC, and only kept the ones where my original copies have been damaged or drm is stopping me from being able to activate them, and am no longer going to pirate games again. Yet I still downloaded this but only for testing purposes, unfortunately for many reasons it wasn't very useful in this aspect; it only ran DX9, you couldn't run very high+ settings and it was very poorly optimised at this stage.

Vherostar3650d ago

Erm if they would release it earlier it would have got pirated earlier. Releasing a game earlier does not stop piracy one bit. Plus game release dates don't get set because of piracy they are there for a reason and its all to do with money.

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wicko3650d ago

This article shouldn't exist. The game that was leaked was incomplete and buggy.. they aren't going to lose any money from that.

NYC_Gamer3651d ago

millions of people will still buy the game regardless

chainer30003650d ago

someone like me would not, though.

gcolley3650d ago

95% piracy on Crysis 1. so we can expect Crysis 3 to be console only

Godmars2903651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Funny, thought Crytech were ruining the game by overly promoting its engine as the end all be all of multiplatform engines while it clearly isn't. That for all the promised innovation, its just another FPS.

joydestroy3651d ago

well, with all the agrees i feel compelled to ask you, and others, what multiplat game looks better than this?

limewax3651d ago

IF it looks as good as we are being teased, and thats a big IF. then maybe the Frostbite 2.0 engine will have something to say as for best multiplat engine. And to be honest they have a lot more experience with the consoles than crytek had before building the CryEngine 3

red2tango3651d ago

He is saying that Crytek boasted that Crysis 2 will be the best looking PS3 game. It's far from it. It is also sub-HD.

joydestroy3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

i was assuming he was referring to games releasing in same time frame as Crysis2 and previous multiplat games. expanding the time frame to all of 2011 multiplats, i think Frostbite 2.0 and id Tech 5 are going to give CryEngine 3 a run for it's money

i didn't read that anywhere at all in his comment, tbh. i see multiplatform engine, not PS3 engine...

Vherostar3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Bad Company 2 looks better if I am honest.. After playing the demo and comparing the 2. I gotta say DICE got more out of 360 and PS3 than crytek. However on PC that could be differnt. Then again Crysis was a scam sure you needed a top of the range PC but people just assume that the better pc you need the better it looks.. How wrong... DC universe is a lovely example of this.. Needs a decent spec PC and even at max settings on high spec PC it still looks CRAP.

Anyway Pirates cannot play online so how about a massive incentive like block a LOT of online FREE content.

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Hitman07693651d ago

That's crazy hopefully something is done well.