You've never played Halo 3 like this

After four days of nonstop fragging, in every mode and on every map, you might think you know Halo 3's multiplayer pretty well. But have you sliced and diced an invisible ninja yet? Have you boarded a pirate ship in pursuit of treasure? Have you fought off an army of swarming zombie sharks?

With the power of custom game editing, you can. This article will introduce you to five totally new and totally bizarre ways to play Halo 3 - with video - and demonstrate how to experience them for yourself. You may never go back to the default menus again...

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Kotaku4039d ago

Rocket Races got to be the most and only fun way to play co op with friends. I played them and they were average players but most important great fun people.

If you have the game I recommend to play this mode.

Venom_Blood4039d ago

I would try this with my friends tomorrow.

socomnick4039d ago

Gamertag = gibonez

send me a invite when you wana play rocket race lol Hard to find a rocket race game since bungie did not include a custom game finder.

Kotaku4039d ago

I don't share my gamer nor ps3 tag as people intent to Spam invites like crazy. If I see you around great if not still great, Just make sure you make rooms like this for others to play this very fun modes.

wangdiddy824039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

looks about the boring stuff in the world.. I rather scratch my balls.. Halo 3 is the same as halo 2. Played it at my bros house and its soo over rated... Just the forge is new..

Anybody got some warhawk vids in here.. Show some true online play that looks freaking sick yo.

360 tag.. "Bigdaddycrosby"

ps3 tag "wangdiddy"

Close_Second4039d ago

...when you scratch your balls is your brother watching. Surprised you rolled off your mother long enough to find the time to post a comment.

Anyway, go take your Halo bashing elsewhere...there's only gamers here and no room for verbal masturbators like yourself.

Jdash244039d ago

dude did you play matchmaking today? i think i played on your team

pilotpistolpete4039d ago

"Halo 3 is the same as Halo 2"

No, no man, you got it all wrong. Halo 2 was 420p, Halo 3 is 640p

Wii60_FTW4039d ago

anyone who can hate on a game as great as halo is f*cking brain-dead. that means you.

Ps3Fanboy7774038d ago

The game looks horrible, is barely able to hold 30fps, and really did absolutly nothing new.

Theatre was the best thing in this game, but i thought it was a games console?

360 users will be really sad come Haze and Unreal Tournament..

I have played Halo 3, played for 2 days and traded it in... I guess if you like 1 and 2 you will have no problem liking 3. I just think the game is garbage all together. How can you have a solid FPS with out a solid FPS?

Mattey4038d ago

multiplayer runs at 60 fps, dont talk about stuff you dont know about.

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jackdoe4039d ago

My friend and were thinking of doing a CTF with the Elephants as well. Not sure we would make shields disappear when you set foot on the ground thoug...

x440Magnumx4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

I think the idea behind that is to make it more like an actual pirate ship battle....if you fall into the "sea" you're more likely to die.

So it'd keep more people in their various "boats" and make that aspect of this gametype more fun.

It's really exciting all the different possibilities the more enhanced rules system allows. Loads of replayability.

SDS Overfiend4039d ago

Make a Custom game on Sandtrapand include has many Mongooses you want. in teams of 2 Race around the sandtraps circular outside while trying to murder the Passenger on the back firing only pistols. Its looks like what motorstorm should've been.

Ignorant Fanboy4039d ago

His tag was UhOhTheMartisHere.

He didnt have a headset on, so I couldnt confirm it.

Maybe its just a Mart fanboy!!

TheMART4038d ago

Haha that's funny

But that... wasn't me for sure!

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