Is Ninja Theory this generation’s Team ICO?

PSUni writes "Blasphemy is probably the best word to describe the title of this article, but regardless of that, we recommend reading it anyways. After all, what do you have to lose? You’re killing time at work right now anyways, aren’t you?

Almost ten years ago, a small development team from Japan named Team Ico made its debut within the gaming industry with its first title, Ico."

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anthraxCZ3725d ago

definitely not, team ico is somewhere totally else - ico and shadow of the collosus are one of the best game ever, ninja theory´s games very hardly

captain-obvious3725d ago

just wow
putting a legendary developer with the same caliber of team ICO
right along side some stupid new developer which is ungrateful and make 3-5 hour long games which flops all the time
and making future flops (( DMZ ))
is insulating to team ICO

this web site should just delete this article and submit an apology to team ICO

Istanbull3725d ago

Who is team ninja?

There is only one Team ICO and there ain't nothing else out there.

sdtarm3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

So Emo Geeks are now on Ninja Theory's side.. mhmm.. predictable

HolyOrangeCows3725d ago

Ninja Theory's Last Accomplishment: Crappy automatic-platformer with boring combat and a decent story.

Team ICO's Last Accomplishment: An amazing unique title with unique combat and awesome landscapes and creatures, that is more or less confirmed to be one of the first games to be honored by the Smithsonian.

Lekumkee3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )


What I hate even worse is all these so called "videogame journalist" keep shouting as if Enslaved is this grand masterpiece that nobody should miss when in fact it's not(not even in the same ballpark). The game was average at best. Repetitive boring/clunky combat with a stupid twist by arbitrarily throwing in a stupid co-op situation, automatic adventuring and the worse of all unlikeable characters.

dc13725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Very good Lekumkee. They turned Trip into a very unlikable person.. Very bossy. Zero regard for her or anyone else’s safety...and ohh.. did I mention that she was so bossy that I got tired of hearing her voice.

... but I loved Heavenly Sword :)

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limewax3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Well if they continued heavenly sword then maybe they would have had some leverage, but even then it needed major improvement. Team Ico(nic) however are in a seperate league, and are one of the few devs that create a game with a clear vision of the concept, and its always outside of the box.

NT's Enslaved was their most repetative game by a long shot, and I know they are going to destroy Devil May Cry. So even though I havent yet read the article and am now about to, I cant see anything being said in this article to swing my opinion at all

I stand corrected, Im going to add to the opinion, character interaction between monkey and trip isnt the best, not by a long shot, for that it has to be Prince of Persia, first one this gen, with the new prince and the girl

Rainstorm813725d ago

Blasphemy? More like insanity...

crzyjackbauer3725d ago

i have lost the respect i had for NJ when i saw the DMC re-boot trailer

why NJ why?

Godmars2903725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )



(Sorry, just hasn't been used in a while...

But yeah, whoever is trying to compare NT with Team ICO, they need to get their head outta of their @$$.)

Iroquois_Pliskin3725d ago

lol wtf did i just read? Ninja Theory are just a bunch of arrogant bastards

malandra3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Team Ico is this generation's Team Ico

and yep, that was blasphemy

Heavenly Sword and Enslaved are in no way, shape or form comparable to ICO and SOTC

InTheLab3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I've spent more time riding my horse in SoTC than I have playing and beating two different Ninja Theory games on the highest difficulty...

I honestly don't understand the praise NT receives. Heavenly Sword was great while it lasted. Enslaved had an amazing story, but the gameplay was trash.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the author but I I do agree with you. Team Ico is this gen's Team Ico...NT is a mediocre dev with 2 decent games under their belt.

BigPenguin3725d ago

Why do people say enslaved had an amazing story? They tried to do a re-imagining of journey to the west, and butchered it.

And the ending of enslaved? My god, how can people like that bullshit.

Theonik3725d ago

One company has made just 2 games both being masterpieces and is going for the third which is looking amazing as well and the other has made 2 games both which sucked and is going to butcher a well loved franchise next. Guess which is which!

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MaideninBlack3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Don't make me loose my breakfast....

thatgamecompany is this gen's Team Ico...or the closet thing to it.

BlackTar1873725d ago

So far FromSoftware is my Team Ico of this generation.

Demon Soul all the way 2nd best PS3 game besides MGS4 IMHO.

macky3013725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Bro, Fromsoftware are probably my favorite developers this gen,.. but
I really don't see the comparison,..

You really don't cry for the same reasons :),..

BlackTar1873725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I know.... But its a better comparison then Team Ninja lol maybe not.

Thanks for the response i voted agree for you not disagree just a FYI

Off topic a bit but can anyone tell me if Dragon Age is anything like Demon Soul or anyone recommend a game that is somewhat similar? I have been dying to play another game like that since i finished Demon Soul since i was late to the party and just finished Demon soul like 2 months ago.

StarScream4Ever3725d ago

Dragon Age is more tactical play than Demon Souls and not that hard unless you crack up the difficulty. Still a fun game and highly recommended. But don't expect DS like gameplay.

limewax3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

FromSoftware are definately one of the best right now, I personally would love SE to step it up and make the FF game everybody has been waiting for though as they manage to create my favourite worlds when they do things right.

DA is sort of similar by the way but the combat is not as focused at all. Other similar games would be the upcoming dark souls. And personally I always felt a lot of similarity between Demons Souls and Monster Hunter. If you havent played a monster hunter game you should definately try it. Very different theme of course but the level of challenge is extremely high as well and the combat is about mastering timing and techinques instead of just levelling like a mad man

Probably most hours you could put into any wii game

BlackTar1873725d ago

Awesome thanks everyone for the responses. I played Monster Hunter on ps2 maybe ill pick up the wii one and DA to tide me over. again thanks everyone.

TheDivine3725d ago

dude do you even know any other games they made, they arnt the best. A few good games and plenty shi*** games. No way. I think enslaved got overlooked just how EVERYONE overlooked ico. I heard ico was a zelda clone, bland boring exc. Now i hear enslaved sucks, un ripoff exc but i doubt you people even played either game. Nobody played or cared about ico and nobody cares about enslaved but both are amazing underrated gems. I see the resemblance.

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BlackTar1873725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

ICO and Shadow were really good games.

Armored Core are good games and so was 3d dot heros. I played all team ninja games and enslaved was cool but no where near the epic Team ico makes.

Also were talking about current gen only right so i thought 3d dot heros and Demon soul were btoh really good titles.

And i apologize if im mixing up any games here.

macky3013725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Yes,.. I agree,..
Fromsoftware are probably one of the best developers in the business,..
I personally think, that when it comes to level design, gameplay elements design,.. It is really hard to compare them with anyone else,..(maybe some things from Sinji Mikami).
They make you play in their worlds and abide bye their rules of the world,.. and you love them for it,..
I know it will sound blasphemous ,.. but I think they even made Zelda, better than Zelda with 3d dot.

Ico guys play on completely different notes though,..probably closer to thatgamecompany,.. I seriously rarely experience such an emotional trip in the game,.. lol and you pick flowers,..

jneul3725d ago

No... please dont go there enslaved was a joke....

Lord_Doggington3725d ago

it has a pretty good story. it was just a bit short and some of the gameplay was run of the mill.

it wasn't a joke tho

limewax3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Compared with Heavenly Sword it was, Graphics were worse, Combat was a thousand times as bland and boring. Story wasnt as compelling, Characters were appaulling next to Nariko and Kai. Not to mention that HS had some truly amazing face MoCap that still looks better than almost anything other than LA Noire

Also Pigsy annoyed a lot of people. And no matter how much I tried, I couldn't hack the main character being called monkey.

It may have been a good first game for a new company, but the bar fell a long way from their first outing

Lord_Doggington3725d ago

doesn't make it a bad game. it has an 82 on metacritic, for crying out loud.

BigPenguin3725d ago


Its funny, you use the story as pretty much your only reason why enslaved was not bad. You know that enslaved strait up jacked its story from journey to the west, considered one of the top 4 books of all time to come out of Asia. Not hard to have a good story when you steal it from public domain works.

The main character was called monkey because in the book, it was the monkey king.

Corrwin3725d ago

Whilst I'd love that to be true, Team Ninja lack a certain spirituality in their games that Team Ico thrive on.

I would say ThatGameCompany (Cloud, Flow, Flower) is a closer contemporary - simple gameplay, beautiful environments, a higher message that doesn't choke the player who chooses to ignore it.

mac_sparrow3725d ago

ThatGameCompany are superb. It will take a massive downturn in quality to stop me buying their games the instant they hit, and that's after experiencing a bad game myself, not after reading reviews (which I have never used as a measure of a games worth.)

Krimmson3725d ago

The article is talking about Ninja Theory, not Team Ninja. Ninja Theory made Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. Team Ninja made Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive.

Corrwin3724d ago

Ah, yeah - I get those confused. But be it Team Ninja or Ninja Theory, neither come as close to Team Ico than TGC.

In my book anyway.

Relientk773725d ago

Sorry Ninja Theory, but Team ICO is WAY better