Official PlayStation Magazine: "PES 2008 is magic"

"PES 2008 still feels unmistakeably like PES in all its mercurial, collar flicked-up brilliance. Yes, there's plenty of room for improvement; there always is. And doubtless, a couple of years down the line, this version will seem crude. But here's the thing – there is no other game on PS3 that you're guaranteed to still be playing obsessively this time next year. PES is magic because it is football in all its glory and madness, and as such, you're never really finished with it." - An excerpt from Official PlayStation Magazine's review of the PlayStation 3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

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Kotaku4041d ago

Played both and true is: EA was playing it safe on keeping the old gameplay type with a few upgrades such us tricks but all that add an odd experience to the game. wile PES08 has revolutionize in ways you cant imagine and need to play to experience.

FIFA08 Online is probably the only feature I found amazing and run smooth at least on the 360(ps3 version not yet played).

If is up to me for you to decide which to buy...
PES08 is the choice you want, now this don't mean throw FIFA08 out the window. just give it a rent for online and see what you think.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt4041d ago

all the early reviews are all paid also for this game.. these days its either reviewers getting paid or the ppl that review are fanboys of the game.

gololo4041d ago

dude....the is no question that PES has been and will keep continue to be the best soccer game in the market...everyone in the whole world knows it...the only thing that I don't like is that Konami should get more licenses....and bring the Bundesliga back (since it was taken out of the 360 version) also adding a south american league (perhaps the argentinian) would make this game a 10/10. So this is no fanboy talking...these a soccer fans talking!!!

ghost3054041d ago

The only sports franchises that EA make this year that are good is Madden 08 and NHL 08. Besides that NBA live 08, fifa 08 and Tiger woods 08 all suck.

if youw want a good nba video game, you get NBA2k8 and if you want a good soccer game you get PSE08.

icechai4041d ago

agree with your comments except Live 08. It really is a tossup between the players preference for 2K8 or Live 08, that's why demos are good :)