Robbers punch hole through wall, steal Halo 3 from GameStop

With the launch of Halo 3 on Tuesday, news comes today of a bizarre robbery with the thieves going to extreme measures to get their hands on video games. At a shopping center that was still under construction in Kissimmee, Florida, thieves broke through the door of a nail salon early Thursday. Located adjacent to the salon was a GameStop. According to police, GameStop's door had a strike plate to prevent burglaries. The salon next door did not, making it easier for the robbers to break through and start their video game heist next door.

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zantetsuken4039d ago

But when I saw the hole, all I could think was "Falcoooon Punch!"

hotshot12374039d ago

1. they make fake rumors on youtube videos
2. they post fake articles
3. they spray paint toy r us
4. they wait 2 weeks in line for halo
5. they rob a store for halo (60 bucks, are you freakin serious)
6. they shock themselves tryna uncool there 360 in water. (dummies)
7. some people even killed there brother over a game.

so so so sad what crazy monsters you guys are. you'll seriously NEED LIVES

DwightOwen4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Well, he does make a good point. You hardly ever hear of PS3 fanboys doing stupid crap like that.

It takes a special kind of "stupid" to try and cool off your 360 in a tub of water while it's still plugged in.

Owner360-PS34039d ago

Risking 10 years in prison for a $60 dollar game is pathetic.I hope they catch this Loser...

Ignorant Fanboy4039d ago

they realize they could have just walked in and bought it.

Robber: "Halo launched last week? I thought it was in October."

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