Sick of It: WTF w/ PSN?

The Bitbag writes:

"So, Sony Computer Entertainment is aiming to sell 11 million more PlayStation 3 systems between now and next year? Great! But how are they going to do it with a Holiday line-up full of stinkers and no word of a price drop? That's not to say every PS3 game coming out this Holiday will bomb. Why the concern?"

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Itachi4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

so games like
Unreal 3
Rachet & clank
Pes 2008
Heavenly Sword
Devil May Cry
and others

are stinkers this article is stupid flame bait

tehcellownu4037d ago

1.Uncharted Drakes Fortune
2.Ratchet anc Clank Tools of Destruction
3.Unreal Tournement
6.Time Crisis 4
7.Gran Turismo Prologue
8.Sing Star
9. Eye of Judgement

All great games!! The simpson Movie goin to be only Blue ray to around christmass time..i hope they bundle it.

lawman11084037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

I own all of the systems and I have to say this person is dead on. The lack of rumble on fall of man (or any shooter) shocked me ....How do you NOT have rumble on a controler? Warhawk is by all accounts a great game but you see nothing about it on tv or print ads. I am starting to think I bought a cheap B-ray player. I am going to download the demos from ps3 and 360 just to see if they are the same or if one is better.The person who wrote that seems upset by lack of support not bashing. And please, stick to games that are out if your going to bash.

thewhoopimen4037d ago

I also thought this was a flamebait article at first until I took the time to read it to the end. The guy makes a good point about Sony owning more than just a game system, that they have other forms of media which could easily be implemented into PSN network. They own Columbia Pictures, and host of other TV networks. I definitely would like to see that coming to PS3!!!

hazeblaze4037d ago

Heavenly Sword is FAR from mediocre... as the dozens of reviews have already told us. So this article is little more than flaimbait.

Furthermore, the idea that Uncharted, Haze, UT3, & the multitude of multiplats make up a line up of stinkers is really laughable. There are other exclusives coming which may be questionable... but even most of those look to be enjoyable.

This article is nothing more than an attempt to gain hits.

bluebrad19744036d ago

those games are stinkers imo.

nanometric4036d ago

I think you are a stinker imo

UnasFortuna4036d ago

Don't get me wrong... I love my PS3..(although I hated the PS2 due to a predominant lack of versatile online)... but this guy does have a point. Sony does need to focus on the PSN a little more. It could be so much more. Yes, Sony has some potentially great games coming out that I can't wait to buy and play... but as Sony is quick to point out... the PS3 is more than a gaming console. I think that is why I like it more than my 360. Home sounds interesting, but until they release more specifics, I am not sure that I would actually use it that much at the present. If they can tie it in as well as MS has done with Xbox Live with game requests/invites, ingame messaging, etc... then I think I would use it quite a lot.
I don't think this article/post was intentionally meant to be "flamebait", but what post on this website doesn't eventually end up with fanboys clogging down comments. He is just expressing his opinion in hopes that Sony will get a clue and step up their game.

qawszaxs114036d ago

I stopped reading after he called Heavenly Sword a mediocre game.

Omegasyde4036d ago

The guy is also pist at the head of Sony (Top Honcho, not Kaz)

Sony has all these weapons at thier deposal
(Music labels, Films,, PS1 classics)

But then again, the PS3 Sold half the Ammount of current Xbox 360 Consoles in less than 1 year... OMG The ps3 is barely 11 months old.

The author obviously forgot that fact.

Gizmo_Logix4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I agree that this is nothing but a XBOT HATE RANT. Ok, ok, we get it. Xbox yahoos hate Sony type games. DUH! We all know what happened with Viva Pinta and Blue Dragon. Hell, we even know that most jarheads wont even like FFXIII or R&C. You think that Gears fans are looking forward to LittleBigPlanet? I think not.

Should'nt you XBOTs be playing Gears or Halo blowing things up? That's more up your alley, isn't it?

Real Gambler4036d ago

Yep, call CNN, this is big news. Somebody who didn't even played on a PS3 as an opinion. Stop the press. I seriously think more and more that News 4 Gamers should change it's name for "Opinions from gamers".

Anybody who say that Heavenly Sword is mediocre to terrible hasn't played it. Everybody who has a PS3 has at least rented this fantastic game, who got a lower rating (not a bad rating by all mean) because it was short. Even Lair is quite decent. I was not too keen on the air combats myself, but everything else was awesome. I rented it because of the bad rating, but will eventuall buy it.

So why do we come to "News 4 Gamers". Not to read stupid opinions. I can easily make my own opinions on a console. Hey, before I buy a $20 toaster, I now read reviews, and make my very own opinion, so trust me, I don't need somebody else stupid opinions to help me make my mind if I want to buy a few hundred dollars game console.

Sadly, N4G is slowly turning into oblivion. Hey since this is no longer a News site but an opinion site, here's my very own opinion about N4G: "It's sunking so low that in one year from now, people will have switched to better website with real news, not stupid opinions!"

JasonPC360PS3Wii4036d ago

3 or 4 of the games you mentioned are "NOT" exclusives, get a f**king clue.

Wii60_FTW4036d ago


and uncharted blowz. gears meets tomb raider ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZ

Armyless4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )


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tordavis4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

The writer is posting his opinions of said games. It's not flame bait, just a lot of frustration.

Omegasyde4036d ago

Yea, well said. But he forgot to factor the cost of PSN.

Its Free, and is not 1 year yet vs Xbox Live which is also 5 years old.

Yea Sony took thier time and they are slow to progress, but they have shown significant improvement. I mean Best downloadable game by far on the Wii, 360, and ps3 is Warhawk. Hands Down. (Abit pricey I must admit)

Q: Before Warhawk what was the coolest downloadable game?

A: It was Geometry Wars.

Real Gambler4036d ago

You said it perfectly... In fact, it's likely not even this guy very own opinion. He's just a poor brainwashed kid who has never played Lair or Heavenly Sword, otherwise, he would never have said mediocre to terrible game for those titles.

So where's the news???? This is "News for Gamers", not "Opinion from somebody who probably do not even own a PS3 4 gamers".

So in your very own words: "The writer is posting his opinions (WHERE'S THE NEWS!!!!) of said games. It's not flame bait, just a lot of frustration. (SINCE WHEN FRUSTRATION OF ONE INDIVIDUAL IS NEWS!!!!)"

Congratulation to NEWS 4 GAMERS, now you even have readers who think that when a kid post his very own opinions, it's news!!!

Very sad...

tordavis4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Just thought I'd toss that in there. He owns a PS3 and never owned ANY Xbox systems. He hates Microsoft and loves Sony. He's frustrated at how Sony is doing this generation and knowing that they have films and music and aren't using it to push the PS3 is frustrating him. As far as the game bashing goes, he's very picky about what he plays. Heavenly Sword is dope! I don't know why he doesn't like it. That's his opinion though. One more thing...although this site is called News For Gamers, when you post a tip you have to pick a category. This is NOT in the news category it's in the ARTICLES category. This is an article/editorial. If it didn't qualify as such, N4G would have buried it.

For all the readers who didn't READ the article because of the first few paragraphs, go back and READ the rest of it. His whole article makes sense and it deals with how PSN could be made better and questions why Sony isn't doing what it needs to make better use of it's free network.

beavis4play4037d ago

their wasn't anything in this "story" but unrelated, opinionated, flamebait rambling. this is the kind of crap that makes this site look bad.

Arkham4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Again, I plead with the N4G powers-that-be to create an Opinion channel so we can shovel this sort of thing out of the regular "news".

We can still trash it, praise it, or--heaven forbid--actually debate it, but a piece like this is an op-ed/blogertorial that needs to be clearly categorized as such.

Regardless, because it is better written and better organized than a lot of the crapinions that have made the front page in the past, I approve it. Let the words speak for themselves.

Ri0tSquad4037d ago

that crap isn't important as implementing in-game xmb and other features.

InMyOpinion4036d ago

So it's not a "super computer" anymore?

ReBurn4036d ago

Why is in-game XMB important?