Q&A: Developer wants online in Wii Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

Though the Wii wasn't an online-friendly system? Think again. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles producer Masachika Kawata is intrigued by the idea of an online mode.

GamePro: Are there plans for on-line functionality for this, or any up-coming, Resident Evil games?

Masachika Kawata: We'd definitely like to bring online elements into the game; both Umbrella Chronicles and to future titles. We don't have any [definite] plans, though we'd like to. [editor note: Capcom's PR team stressed that online is not a currently planned feature, merely a desire on the part of the developers].

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djt234133d ago

it sound very interesting

AcidRhain4132d ago

Quit wishin', just do it. add that online.

ChickeyCantor4132d ago

that would be awsome i love to shoot some zombies with my class mate over the net.