How Halo killed the 360 reports on the latest Halo 3 controversies, and marks the beginning of the end for the console.

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Blackmoses4038d ago

well...if attention is what they were looking for, then attention is just what they will receive with this article. Personally I will remain silent regarding all comments on this subject. I kinda like my bubbles the way they are. No need to have some rabid Fanboy got ape [email protected] on me for airing out my opinion.
I will neither confirm nor deny any all remarks made in this article.

steriotyp4038d ago

not making your thoughts known ads more controversy to what your thoughts are. Mind boggling isn't it?

hazeblaze4038d ago

The article is sure to start up some controversy, but the thing is that the author has a good point. The 360 will continue to have a few good games... but it seems as if its peak was reached with Gears! Nothing on the system has stood out significantly graphically since then except for Bioshock... and even that is moreso b/c of the outstanding art direction.

Not to upset the fanboys... I still think there will be good games to be excited about. But the system definitely won't come out on top graphically. Mass Effect is my 2nd most anticipated title of the year... and even its graphics look a little dated already. Nice colors & stuff, but the models & environments are somewhat bland next to games like Heavenly Sword, R&C, Uncharted, or even Bioshock.

I don't think he meant to imply that the system now sucks... Just with the release of Halo 3, there's not much left to look forward to. And he's right.

PSTAVY4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

So far theres about 90 fanboyish comments on this 1 news post. Some of them probably didnt even read the post.

What this guy is saying is the 360 has reached its max graphically, but that doesnt mean there wont be any good games coming. Gameplay wise there just might be a couple of juggernauts comin. The PS3 graphics will grow as will the Gameplay. The Wii on the other hand will probably reach its point in graphics with Super Mario Galaxies.So I wont be seen as a fanboy of sony,Ms, or Nintendo ill post why i got all 3 consoles

360= Mass Effect not Halo 3 (good concept+i dont need online to play this game)
PS3= HS, Warhawk, Uncharted, and MGS4 (free online)
Wii= Smash Bros Brawl (one game,3 controllers,250 price tag)

Dont reply talking about games that have only showed CG as of yet or havent even been confirmed ie. FFXIII,Alan Wake, God of War 3,and Gears of War 2

@ whoever disagreed with
at least explain why you disagreed(a good reason)
if your just that much of a fanboy that you cant fess up to your actions thats pitiful doesnt matter what side you're on (MS,SONY,Nintendo) because console wise im neutral

Jones Miller4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

...people are scared sh*tless just to make a comment but guess what! All the fanboys ruined every discussion about video gaming there ever was. This was never about the essence of video gaming it´s about who has the longest d*ck.

It´s also funny that people start of saying they own multiple consoles, then bash one of them in favor of the other and at the same time rob credibility of people who actually own more than one console. If you come out saying you got both PS3 and 360 (even if you do) then fanboys made it so it does not mean sh*t.

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TheMART4038d ago

" If Microsoft themselves can not surpass the technology of games like Bioshock or Heavenly Sword on their own console, with a completely in house development, that has been in the works for well over 3 years, how can one expect to see an increase in quality in games to come?"


1. Not every game is about having the best graphics/top the last king
2. There are more devs then Bungie
3. We've seen Gears of War, the best graphics that hit any console
4. We'll see Gears of War 2 for sure Christmas 2008
5. Has the writer of this article seen Mass Effect at all?

Really. Nice article to get some attention for the website, but it's written poorly.

johnnywit4038d ago

Good job Mart,

I was going to point out the Mass effect thing as well. I find it funny we buy from an industry where every journalist complains that more games need to have game play over graphics and the one time a DEV does this they get criticized for it. This guy just wants attention and that is it. I personally don't believe in the whole "winning the console war" thing but as for any of the 3 systems dying off is bullsh!t. They will be here for awhile.

aiphanes4038d ago

Second quarter of 2009...But GEARS of WAR 2 will be the best that the Xbox 360 can muster in 2009...

Gizmo_Logix4038d ago

"#4 We'll see Gears of War 2 FOR SURE Christmas 2008"

LOL! Have you told this to Mark Rein yet?

hazeblaze4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Actually the article made some pretty valid points and was well written. Whether or not you agree with them is up to your own fanboyism... but as a 360 owner, I think they hit it on the money.

As I said above, the problem is that the system is about to go on its 3rd year and still has not produced anything that looks better than Gears. Meanwhile the PS3 has produced a couple of games on the same level within its first year out!!! Hell, Heavenly Sword surpasses Gears in quite a few areas actually. AND the PS3 gets UT3 in Nov which the devs themselves have said out do Gears in both performance AND graphics.

And eventhough UT3 looks better than Gears... MGS4 is the best looking videogame I've ever seen period! Heck, even Adam Sessler said the same thing. You see Haze, Uncharted, and Killzone 2... and the PS3 is really starting to crank out the best looking games I've ever seen.

BUT... the author is still only addressing graphics. Unlike last gen, the 360 will still have several games to come that possess great gameplay in my opinion. And if we get more games like Bioshock & Mass Effect... I'll be okay with not having the best graphics. Hell, I have both systems anyway ;-)

You obviously don't know much... b/c I do indeed have both systems. And the things you are SO impressed with just make it obvious that you have NOT played on a PS3. Only want me to name one game? I'll give you two: Resistance (a launch game!) and Warhawk. The truth is that the only thing that Halo 3 did do better than Resistance was online & vehicles (and the record feature is cool too). But even then it's a shame that the maps are limited to 16 players & the game still suffers lag... both Resistance & Warhawk offer 32 or more players AND no lag. I'm not saying ppl should not like Halo. But if you're going to honestly try to act like the game does not have some serious limitations... you're a moron. AND LOL @ YOU OBVIOUSLY NOT KNOWING WHAT THE HELL PRERENDERED MEANS... not that Halo 3's gfx are BAD, but they rarely amaze. Once again, this is just b/c we have seen plenty of other games w/ gfx just as good or better, not b/c Halo's gfx are bad.

mesh14038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

haha these fake post mak eme laugh or wrong post any way halo 3 is amazing tell me 1 game that does not render any scene and has ppl fighting 200meters in the out door areas everything in halo 3 is preredered no gaME on the ps3 ha done this yet u cant expext gears of war in a massaive scale gasme like halo 3 and TO ABOVE AKA HAZEBLAZE GIVE UP U DONT HAVE A 360 WE KNOW

xc7x4038d ago

and you don't have a PS3,your point? you mean someone cannot be a critic of the 360,hmm ok.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4038d ago

Look at this trailer. I don't think Mass Effect looks that great. The environments look spartan and sterile. I said it once and I'll say it again.......HOW COME THERE IS A ***ONLY*** MAXIMUM OF 3 ENEMIES ON SCREEN AT ONCE?!? Weak, very weak.

Strip away the overly dramatic music from this trailer and what you're left with is a 'Meh' game, IMO.

cartman3134038d ago

LOL...Seriously....Games haven't been pre-rendered since the old Resident Evil games. If X360 has to use pre-rendered screens for Halo, then that would mean it's a weak system. So obviously Halo didn't pre-render anything.

gEnKiE4037d ago

@mesh......your an idiot. Prerendered? Do you know what that means? If Halo is prerendered, then for it being looks like s***...

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Spike474038d ago

from the fact that people are starting to say halo3 is ms's last good game for the 360 then It might just happen , but i doubt it.

I want you guys to remember these words: Ms is gonna label mass effect as the new halo, or the next big thig in order to make some hype for it.
after that, they'll hype up lost odyessy, and that's possibly it.
after that too human.
but what microsoft knows is that they might have themselves in a big hole in 2008, the ps3 has mgs4,ff13,ff versus13, lbp, killzone2, and from the looks of it they're making alot of deals to make some ps3 mmos and new shooters.
that's why they're trying to get mgs4 and ff13.

Captain Tuttle4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Six Hundred Dollars.

Edit: I am desperate...I want the PS3 to be a success. I want it to be a strong competitor to the 360. I won't buy a PS3 any time soon because most of the games aren't my thing but I certainly want the PS3 around to keep Microsoft's fat ass worried and innovating. A strong PS3 and 360 benefits ALL gamers, screw the fanboys. They all live with their parents anyway.

hazeblaze4038d ago

You seem a little desperate... everyone here knows that the ps3 is only $500 and that it will likely by $400 by the holiday. And considering that this article (and the note your responded to) are both looking more at 2008 and beyond... the PS3 will be at a mass market price by then ($300 or less).

So your comment really doesn't make any sense on any level.

Wingnut264038d ago

Is that all you've got Cap'n? 600 dollars for a well built console is worth it my friend. Have you compared prices when you factor in what you get with each?

Let's start with a premium 360:

349 - the system
100 - wireless
180 - hddvd drive
50/yr - online service

XBOX - 679 for the complete experience with hddvd - 500 without

I'm not going to list out everything for the PS3, but you get all that crap up there for 600.

Yo Mama4038d ago

Actually $679 for the "complete experience" isn't quite true either being that the hd-dvd drive can't be used for playing games.

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sticky doja4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

No thought to Too Human, Halo Wars, Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Fable 2, Lost Odyssey, GTA IV, Age of Conan, Ninja Gaiden 2, Gears of War 2 and Resident Evil 5 among many many others. No, the 360 will be just fine at least until 2009.

steriotyp4038d ago

"Bottom line, the 360 is not on its last leg, but it has matured in terms of gaming power and prowess. Let us all be thankful to the many marvels it has given us in the gaming world and hope that they can still make some awesome titles. "

end quote

BlazinEurasian4038d ago

the point of the article was that the graphics are not going to progress any further on the 360... but gameplay > graphics as halo 3 just proved based on sales.
I'm not sure how they can say the 360 is going to have no good new games, as I'm sure they will, but you won't continually to be impressed by the graphics of each next generation of games on the 360. I'm not saying I agree with this guy, but thats what his point is.

G_CodeMonkey4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Jesus, inflamatory title much for the article?

Nice quote. But it sounds as if you're not a developer. To quote just above the paragraph you used:

"Every developer interview that has mentioned the PS3 at all has stated that they have come no where close to its full potential. It is harder to develop for as they have become adapted to the 360 as the base of their work, and port from there, but now, developers are beginning to look at the PS3 as their foreground, with the 360 as the port."

Really? How about some references showing ALL who have said that the 360 has capped its potential, since YOU posted it at GR. I follow the gaming press closely, as most of the folks here and don't remember these-- so I'm calling you OUT to post these. If you've got the ammo to back it up, it will give you credibility. If not, then its nothing more than any ranting posted on anyone else's blog to try and get some traction with a crap story.

Bioshock JUST came out, as did Halo. I submit not every game has to be a notch up from the most recent, and can give up some to the gameplay factor. Sony would love the public to get the perception that the 360 is dying, but until industry news is reporting quotes from heads of development teams (a little more credibility than some schmuck coding for peanuts, who mentions it to some guy for a no-name blog) stating this, I'm afraid there ain't a whole lot of proof there.

As far as your comments about the PS3 not being fully utilized yet, and even more powerful, I'll stipulate that it is for some applications (Folding, etc.), but gaming use is yet to be proven (though may be one day---proof from dev comments?) You're reaching with the 360 being on the downward trend (again, post some proof and it'll go farther).

Also, as far as M$'s missteps with every issue so far (RRoD, scratched disks, customer support--which does suck), they're guilty as charged-- definitely need some cleaning up, especially in the PR department.

Edit: Please realize: I'm not calling you a fanboy, but the key to your article is developer sentiment toward the 360 coupled with perceived max capability on the console. Some serious support would enlighten a lot of folks, myself included, rather than non-developer opinion (the internet is full of that already).

I await your response, because it will be very telling if there is solid evidence of developers stating this--evidence from actual developers on both systems, not some guy from a PS3 team promoting their own project with "I don't think this could be done on the 360". --Unbiased evidence-- Your response? gCM

Spike474038d ago

themart, the developers of gears 2 said they were gonna make a game folowing the gears storyline on the ps3.

yeah mass effect and too human will be big hits, but probably because ms will hype them up.

ms hypes up games in a way that if they're just good, their hype makes it seem like the games are the second coming, while sony just does'nt hype any games at all.

yeah i know about killzone 2, but other than that do we know anything about eye of judgement?or drake's fortune? or foklore? or ratchet and clank which has always been a sucessful franchise?

Salvadore4038d ago

I believe MS owns the right to Gears of War.

Sangheili854038d ago

Show me where the gears developers said that. I've read that MS owns the rights for the next 2 gears games.

Shuriken 5254037d ago

Remember the days of good ol' days of MGS2 which is, in my view, the most hyped game of all time. The hype, ofcourse, had a positive outcome as MGS rocked but it was still incredibly hyped. The same will happen with MGS4.