Over 81 Million Killed in Killzone 3 in Just 5 Days

TitanReviews Writes: According to in just a measly 5 days the community has already put in over a million hours online, over 81 million kills and brutally killed over 7 million players. Killzone 3’s online is vastly superior to Killzone 2’s and its showing.

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Evildoomnerd2941d ago

I've taken quite a liking to the Infiltrator class.

Nitrowolf22941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

i've been tactician and loving it, get to see you infiltrators.

Nitrowolf22941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

oh and also, just wondering
can any body tell me who these guys are?

I see Radec, Visari, then some unkown Helghast (never seen him) then Matroc, then some other unkown guy

and yes this is in Killzone 3 (museum level)

Focker4202941d ago


I think thats Visari's body double, or second in command. Notice in the opening vid how when 'Visari' grabs his daughter/wife's hand and she pulls away really quick. I think that is Visari's double, and the one that was killed in KZ2.

GG obviously never said any of this I'm just guessing based on the intro. Plus who else would be 'welcomed home' in the final KZ3 cutscene?? Stahl and that other guy are obviously dead, and supposedly Visari is as well. Who is the new Helghan leader??

I may have to play the original KZ on PS2 again to see if there are any other characters.

Killustrious2941d ago

@ Nitrowolf2:

(From left to right)

Radec, Visari, Cobar (KZ:L), Metrac (KZ:L) and Lente (KZ1)

alien6262941d ago

marksman for me now thats where u get real melee kills are haha


@nitrowolf thanks for the heads up

i didnt know tacticians can see infiltrators,infiltrators really piss me off

Nitrowolf22941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

@Lord Pheonix
well you have to pay attention to the radar, thats how you know they are fake right away (tactician have UAV)


thank you so much, i forgot there names and wasn't sure

NukaCola2941d ago


AHHHH This game is still in the mail! I have been slaying into some Mass 2, but jeez APO shipping is slow on this one. But this week boys, the Necrum will be there. You have a lead on me, but I'll catch up.

M-Easy2941d ago

About 2,500 of those kills are mine and sadly about 2,500 of the deaths are mine also. Hey what can I say I don't camp I go for the objectives.

ChineseDemocracy2941d ago


I think it would be absolutely amazing if that were the case. That would prove that the story isn't as shallow as people make it out to be. There's such a great backstory to the whole killzone universe, it's a shame that it lacks a proper narrative.

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HolyOrangeCows2941d ago

I've been the medic, because I love neck-snapping revenge and having a little robot over my shoulder.

Anon19742941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Haven't had a chance to take this game for a spin online yet but I'm having a blast playing the main campaign. I can't believe the same sites that were complaining about KZ3's story were the same sites falling all over themselves for that on-rails turd - Black Ops. I've enjoyed every single Call of Duty title up until that point, but Black Ops was just a mess for me, and the story was ridiculous.

The entire time I was like "Please don't let Reznov be imaginary, that would be so weak if Reznov was imaginary. Aw shit."
It's just the laziest bit of story writing I've seen in awhile, and that's saying a lot considering game stories usually get the short end of the stick.

And yet Killzone 3's story was apparently weak. Whatever. A bit generic, sure - but Black Ops gets a pass? Halo Reach? For the love of god, Reach consisted of running from point A to point B until you were all dead, roll credits. And here's Cortana for some reason! Get her to point B! WTF was that? Bungie really phoned that one in.

end rant...

clank5432941d ago

@darkride- I definitely agree that CoD and Halo didn't have the best story in the world, but Killzone 3's isn't anything to write home about. I actually thought the first half wasn't bad, but the second half is GG basically fabricating excuses to get from one set piece to another through dialogue.

Personally, I don't really care, as I thought the campaign was really fun for a one time playthrough and the online is where the real meat of the game is. I would definitely give this game a solid 9/10 because it has some major missteps in the campaign area, but the online is far above Call of Duty and Halo in strategy and its great for gamers that don't want to deal with mass numbers of idiots camping or jumping around the entire map.

MaxXAttaxX2941d ago

KZ's story is good, but not that great.
Still, some reviews were harsh on it for some reason and gave other games a pass for having a mediocre story/storytelling.

vishant1012941d ago

either alot of people suck or this game is good
im guessing game is good :)

vishant1012941d ago

y do u get disagrees for simple comments

Focker4202941d ago

Engineer all the way. That 2nd LMG is a beast.

Pretty impressive numbers considering the game wasn't even available in europe for 3 of those 5 days.

showtimefolks2941d ago

are the best class but i do mix up and play every class

redsquad2941d ago

Yes, I'm spending all my unlock points on the Engineer career - You can get a good score just for repairing, so no need to go gadding about blowing people away as much.

Soldierone2941d ago

I didnt like Engineer at first but its my favorite class now. The second gun just rapes people without even aiming. They are at a huge disadvantage with distance though, but what can you do?

Urrakia342941d ago

REALLY wish I could contribute:(

clearelite2941d ago

Why can't you Urakia?

Attribute 1 million of those hours to me, j/k.

Best online FPS on a console probably.

Urrakia342941d ago

@clearelite- because I don't own the game yet due to the fact that I'm broke:( Being in high school without a job sucks:(

darksied2941d ago


That's fine, when you do get it, you'll appreciate it all the more.

sickbird2941d ago

Infiltrator is a cowards class. Only class i ever play is tactition because the only gun i like is the M82.

BX812941d ago

Yeah infiltrators suck a big one! I like the M82 it's beast but the sniper rifle is awesome too!

helghast1022941d ago

Infiltrators are cowards? how so? they're the only guys on your team thats not afraid of running amongst the enemies ranks, they're not looking for immediate kills, they think more strategically than anyone else because one misstep costs them their lives.

Why dont you direct that hate towards Marksmen? sitting in their corners with the M66 or on the other side of the map, away from the action with the VC32

AssassinHD2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I see a lot of people complaining about infiltrators. The tactician class is a direct counter to infiltrators. You can also just pay attention to your mini-map. If you see an ally, but don't see them on the mini-map, then shoot them.

sickbird2941d ago

I say their cowards because they disguise themselves as your teammate and when you hesitate for a second in this game your dead. Even as a tactition you cant always be looking at your radar, i guess the only solution is shooting anyone you see and that wastes ammo.

I don't point out marksmen because that goes without saying, snipers are pansies everyone knows that. That goes for every multiplayer game.

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stuna12941d ago

You and me both! Killzone 3 is straight up fun. And for those badmouthing it, don't knock it till you try it!

xAlmostPro2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I use every class throughout a game lol.

Tactician as soon as i start to make sure my team have the spawn points.

Marksman for enemy assination & capture the objectives(once we have them) and search & destroy defense.

Infiltrator for enemy search and destroy & capture the speaker, also enemy assassination when they're just out of reach of sniping positions.

Medic during body count and capture the objectives, just providing support to the tacticians capturing etc.

Then engineer during bodycount, search and destroy defense just making sure my team have supplies.

Obviously different situations cause for a change here n there, but yeah i dont' stick to one class the whole game :D

Although marksman sniper is my favourite to use & i do so at every given chance, i change frequently for the sake of the team & objective.

gypsygib2941d ago

I've been being the engineer. I'm not doing terribly bad, 1.59 k/d

bviperz2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Bagged several hundred myself!

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Op242941d ago

I'm in love with brutal melee. So glad games are incorporating that now.

LoneWanderer092941d ago

Awesome Killzone is an outstanding game that deserves all the attention i getting.

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