Prototype - 27 New Screens

Prototype tells the story of Alex Mercer - a man haunted by his past, fighting a secret war in New York City. As the action spirals out of control, a conspiracy tied to his origins threatens the future of mankind itself. Mercer's amazing shapeshifting powers allow him to become an exact replica and steal the skills or powers of anyone who crosses his path.

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MK_Red4037d ago

This game is gonna rock HARD. The screens look incredible yet kinda remind me of the semi-cancelled Possession.

Baba19064036d ago

looks great =D is this an open world game ala GTA ? at least from the trailer it seemed to give u the choise of beeing good or bad for example.

perseus4036d ago

...those looked kind of crappy to me. This is obviously a pre-release build, but GRAW2 looks way better, and BF:BC makes this look like poopies. Did you see the white van? And the tank? Those are circa-PIII graphics.

The people look good, the fighting looks good, but I expect the environments to look just as good if I'm going to pay 6500Yen for a game. Basically, I expect a lot more out of my cell.

I'll wait until I see screen shots from a build closer to release before I make a decision on this game.

khrisnifer4034d ago

First off - let's consider where this game is set. It's trying to recreate all of New York City, hundreds of people, hundreds of cars, ai simulations of how they interact with you, helicopters, tanks, soldiers, free-running, consuming for disguise... so when the vans look white and the tanks look brown, let's see how Graw2's 'dusty village map with static buildings and 5 characters' stands up shall we?
Open world is not corridor shooters dude - think way way bigger.

picker3324036d ago

not my kind of game...The grapic dont impress me...
Well we dont know the gameplay yet but the pic's kind of show's os a little what to expect.

gamesR4fun4036d ago

cant wait to see the final build on this hopefully they dont hold back on the ps3 version but well see. Still if it looks good Ill buy it for the novelty alone.

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