Square Enix to rely more on foreign markets

Within five years, the RPG maker wants three out of every four dollars it earns to come from outside Japan.

"It is crucial for us to expand our businesses on a global basis," Wada said. "Given the fact that the size of overseas markets is now more than three times as large as the domestic market, we recognize numerous growth opportunities. Our strategy to seize such opportunities is two-fold; (i) strengthen our own distribution channels developed by our local subsidiaries in these geographic areas, and (ii) diversify our content in accordance with user preferences in each area. Through these strategic initiatives, our initial goal within a time frame of three to five years is to raise our foreign sales ratio for console/handheld games from its current 50 percent level to approximately 75 percent. We shall continue our effort to better serve overseas markets."

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TheMART4038d ago

All point pretty much to the 360 getting FFXIII also, running already on their multiplatform engine.

Yup, be sure. FFXIII will be on 360 in 2008.

tehcellownu4038d ago

they already confirmed ps3 exclusive at tgs..Only concentrating on one system..and thats the ps3..

Gizmo_Logix4037d ago

This is about american RGPs, i.e. new IP.

Naruto4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

THE article does say anything about FF XIII and read this part

As for enlisting the aid of foreign publishers, such a move would not be entirely unprecedented for the company. Before role-playing game specialists SquareSoft and Enix merged their operations, SquareSoft had a joint venture with Electronic Arts called EA Square, which brought games like Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve 2 to North American shores

power of Green 4038d ago

Square is looking for "publishers" overseas to make more money in other markets so they would Obviously have to focus on the "platforms" that sell the best in these overseas markets(The West).

I think they're trying to condition the public before they break the news; a sudded annoucment without getting people somewhat use to the idea would cause flame wars with out end, pride plays a factor in this aswell.

I still think Attack of the Show was told something that relates to this at this years TGS.

CyberSentinel4038d ago

Instead of giving us gamers the games we WANT to play, they give us Sylpheed, and point their finger, and say... "see they don't buy games on 360" when clearly these are not the games we want to buy. (or even play for free for that matter)

Give us FFXIII with a *"SIMULTANEOUS" worldwide release date with other consoles (Wii included) and see if you point your finger then.

*it must be simultaneous, nobody wants to play a story driven game, AFTER the story has been told a year ago, and you already know the ending to.

I love JRPG's. I own Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata and I can't wait for Lost Odyssey.

The way for square to survive in an American/European market place is by doing what they do best, RPG's. FFXIII is the game WE ALL WANT TO PLAY. lets be real. The FPS market is VERY crowded in the American/European gaming market. What chance do they really have at competing in that genre? Do what you do best Square/Enix.

Don't try to force me to buy something I don't want to buy, in order to play those games (ps3) because you will loss me.

I'm not saying play favorites, or choose sides...give as ALL a choice, and show love to all 3 consoles.

Daver4038d ago

lolll simultaneous release with Wii.... hahah you made me laugh

As for fXIII, yes you will have to buy a ps3 if you want to play this game, thats the goal of exclusives

Even if you dont buy one, believe me, a LOT of people will do so to play this game

paracardium4038d ago

Keep dreaming 3fixme fanboys it's not going to happen.Like saying 360 exclusives are coming to ps3 although I would never waste my money on such crappy hardware to play Halo or w/e games they have.Let every machine have their own exclusives.. 360 is maxed out as it is ps3 has just begun.

NMC20074038d ago

Sony fans said Virtua Fighter 5 and Devil May Cry 4 weren't coming and look what happened there, this day in age nobody should ever be so sure of an so called exclusive unless the console dev is publishing the game themselves or a first party company makes the game, otherwise anything can happen with third party stuff, anything.

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