Gran Turismo 5: Prologue TGS 07 Cam Gameplay Montage

Get on the throttle and get ready to drive!

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MaximusPrime4042d ago

Great video, there.

If im not mistaken, after that crash at the end of the video, did i saw a small dent on the bonnet?

So far this game will be a sure hit.

risk4042d ago

no i cant see it. its just that the sun makes the hood shine, makes it look different.

MaximusPrime4042d ago

then there got to be a reason why Sony shown this video. Why did they chosen to end the video with a light "crash"? Is it a glimpse of what to come or is it for fun? Questions remain unanswered.

Despite that, im sure will be getting GT5 Prologue.

risk4041d ago

one thing i did notice was that your head shakes in the game, like its not static shake, your head acctually moves and sees different parts of the interior when you crash, maybe they wanted to show that...

Gran_Turismo4042d ago

Interesting MP... hmm... ill have to watch that 30 more times... too bad theres no slow mo...

PSTAVY4042d ago

yea i wish there was slow mo too. the this demo is shaping up i cant wait to see what GT 5 will look and play like

pwnsause4042d ago

Wait was that just car damage at Seen at the end of the vid??

PimpHandHappy4042d ago

i didnt notice a dent or any damage but then again i bet when u get back on the track after that smash your car is going to drive like sh!t!

kn4042d ago

dammit, why can't we get more in-game, behind the wheel (or behind car view) gameplay video in high definition? Hook up the damn capture card and record us a high res video...

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The story is too old to be commented.