Crysis 2 Xbox 360 version looks mind blowing

28 stunning screens from the Xbox 360 build. Crysis 2 on the 360 is looking like a beast.

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cyborg4351d ago

but I will leave my mind to be blown after viewing the final build PC screens of the game.

captain-obvious4351d ago

welcome to 1/10 of PC gaming

D3athc3ll4351d ago




more like 8/10...

keep dreaming though

kancerkid4351d ago Show
captain-obvious4351d ago


8/10 ??
dude the only one dreaming in here is you

darkziosj4351d ago

you should change ur name to troll-obvious

captain-obvious4351d ago

why would you call me troll ??
im just stating the obvious
and the truth
the only ppl that are disagreeing with me are angry console fanboys
which is the majority of this website

MaxXAttaxX4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

You're the cancer of N4G. Way to look for flaws.

Anyone could look at any game and find things like that.
For example:
Oh no, flat texture~!
Does it look terrible? Does it matter?
Most wouldn't even have noticed these things.

arjman4351d ago

@captain-obvious & D3athc3ll

Actually it's probably closer to 3/10, considering that a huge amount of gpu's used with computers are the intel integrated gpus...

piroh4351d ago


what's your point?

this is from first Crisis:

all games have some ugly elements

sich924351d ago

PC gaming sucks dunno why u r so happy about it?

Treyb3yond4351d ago

At 1/10 of the price.

And don't give me the bs that "pc gaming isn't expensive"

It is. I was playing pc games before you knew your momma.

Soldierone4351d ago

The thing i dont understand about PC gamers (and I used to be one) is why they cant accept consoles. Its a machine built purely for gaming.

Welcome to 1/10? Yeah if you just spent over a grand on a PC that will be able to play high res games for a year. Congrats. meanwhile people are playing the same game on 200 to 400 dollar consoles that will last 10 years. Are you proud?

Go enjoy your game, if its so good then why bash the others?

Bear_Grylls4351d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA you are all full of it.

MIND BLOWING? for the xbox maybe lol.

As for PC being expensive GTFOH!

Pixelated_Army4351d ago

Apparently you good people need a reminder of just how good KZ3 looks.
I won't comment on Cry2 since I haven't played it yet but to all the xbot trolls saying KZ3 is over rated/hyped game.... here you go. Enjoy!

PotatoClock4351d ago


Of course I can accept consoles, their little computers anyway.

And a massive yawn to the whole, "oh you have to spend a grand to play games for just a year"

Anyone who isn't retarded knows that isn't true. When console hardware doesn't change why would the power needed for those same games be more on PC?

Smoother gameplay is the only reason to upgrade, and seeming I actually have a decent paying job, which you don't seem to have as you have a problem with making an investment that lasts you for at least 5 years, I don't mind having my mind blown from the wonders of anti-aliasing and DX11 :D

vishant1014351d ago

this is the best looking multiplat this gen by far i think people should stop and give this game some credit

CrIpPeN4351d ago

I guess they haven't seen the PC version, oh well.

the pictures was very bad quality though.

NukaCola4351d ago

Everyone of these pictures looks kind of blurry. The gameplay from the demo looks better than this. GamingBolt needs to fix their crap, especially with their hit articles.

DualConsoleOwner4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

from the demo i played.

pretty but nothing mindblowing...

Dee_914351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

So pc gamers want console gamers to "upgrade" to PC

Let see pay about $200-$300 to make my pc a gaming pc to play multiplats with better graphics or bust out around $600 for a new gaming PC
or pay $300 for a console with with great exclusive games and still be able to play those multiplats with good enough untrained eye wouldnt even notice flaws type of graphics??

I know some PS3 owners make Graphics out to be one of the biggest major things in gaming but .. Its not worth another $300 when ME PERSONALLY can barely tell the difference .. just saying .. dont get me wrong I know Crysis 2 on PC is freaking amazing
like I said before I game on pc I started out with doom on pc lol but I prefer Consoles
I would like to not get raped on N4G by pc extremist for having that preference please.

Legion4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

Welcome to 7/10 of current PCs owned in the world not even being able to play the game.

And of the other 30% of PCs only about 5% being able to max out specs. And of that 5% of PCs owned... 2% are not owned for gaming but for media related work.

PC gamers consider yourself a minority in the gaming world these days. The reason PC games are so cheap compared to consoles is cost and demand. No demand in PC world for gaming thus the low cost. Consoles can reach the demand for the higher price because people own them to play games.

PCs can be great, but again those with good PCs are in the vast minority. And those with PC nice systems just don't game on them. (myself for one)

paintsville4350d ago

Wow this is amazing. This game blasts anything that is currently available on either console. I can't wait to play. Already pre-ordered.

Dude4204350d ago

Legion, you're a fool.

This article only talks about the 5xxx series cards that were sold within 3 months...of 2010.

Now we're in 2011, you know how much that number has grown by now? This isn't even considering the gamer series 4xxx cards and the new 6xxx series cards as well.

Oh wait, let's not forget nVidia as well. Seeing that they also make high quality cards, their numbers must have sky-rocketed as well. If anything my friend, the console owners of xbox and ps3 combined are in the minority.

Where did you get these statistics from anyway, out of your ass? What percentage are we talking about here? Percentage out of a billion PC owners maybe (I know it's exaggerating but you get the point)?

FYI, the reason for the low cost is because these PC manufacturers simply develop new ways to build their components, which leads to less manufacturing time. This is what happens when technology advances.

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Starhawk4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

Doesn't look mind blowing.

And it's sub-HD.

kancerkid4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

Wow, 128 vertical lines make such a difference.

You can look at the number all you want, they mean little. And game looks fine.

Regardless of the resolution, that does not take into account the AI, the textures, the draw distance, the destruction, performance, dropped frames, art design, or anything.

720p is one part of the equation, but is hardly that much of it.

shoddy4351d ago

I like a lot of subHD games myself(warhawk, COD)but game from a company that well know for great graphic is not mind blowing.

you have a crazy PC that can run 1080p max
texture then it's mind blowing.

I say Gear 3 will blow Crysis 2 console away cause Gear 3 is true HD.

this gen standard suppose to be HD.

Vherostar4351d ago

Exactly its still sub HD and that's the kicker. It will never look as good as HD games such as Uncharted 2.

xAlmostPro4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

128 lines do make a difference when the "graphics kings of gaming" can't produce full 720p(128 lines away or not) on as PC gamers call sub-par hardware..

yet there's plenty of full 720p games on both ps3 and 360 aswell as some 1080p ones..

Crytek need to learn to stop talking crap. RAGE looks far better on consoles and overall.

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MariaHelFutura4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

I don`t game on the PC and I could care less about the online for this game, so I`ll play the SP on the 360.

evilmonkey5014351d ago

I'll play whichever version is in the bargain bin first, since I have both systems and a PC.


* i couldnt care less

fixed :)

KRATOS-PS34351d ago

No need to bring PC in here - these are 360 Screens. And for a console Game it looks very good. Don't need to put 360/PS3 down when the PC Version looks better.

damnyouretall4351d ago

pc gamers always put down consoles. since direct x10 and now 11 they have become huge assholes. i own a 32 in tv and some people own a 60 in tv. thats all i can afford and i know its not as good. i hate when people state common sense facts and get disagrees

Soldierone4351d ago

^Exactly. You wanna spend the money just to brag one game looks better? By all means do it, but do it elsewhere. No one cares if PC is better than consoles, same game to me. They just happen to have a grand laying around to get better specs out of it.

DixieNormS4351d ago

I hear that there is too many draw distnace pop ups. But I notice the same thing on Killzone 3. I don't know maybe its just me, but I'm more of a sucker for more rather than less colors in a game. And to me, wether crysis is sub HD or not looks better. Not saying either one of them looks bad. But more gritty the shitty. But I love the tightness of the Killzone's controls compared to 2

SnakeMustDie4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

That's true but KZ3 blurs the pop-ups(from what I have noticed) so it isn't that much noticable during an intense gameplay segment compared to the Crysis 2 beta I have played on the PC. The only flaw regarding the CE3 is the horrible pop-ups but it will be fixed(I hope) when the game goes gold.

MNicholas4351d ago

There are plenty of games on both systems that look better than this.

4351d ago
Ashby_JC4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

Dead space and especially Dead Space 2 look great on my TV :)

4351d ago
RBLAZE19884351d ago

What is really funny is that these shots are from the leaked pc beta build. If you look at the weapon switch notification it says @ui_act or whatever when it should say press x. it's either a converted youtube clip playing on a ps3 of the pc build or screenshots from the pc beta that was leaked but this is not from any official xbox 360 build. This site should be reported for intentionally misleading its viewership.

Crazyglues4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

Ok this site is full of sh*t....

FAIL. These are just screen-caps from the Crysis 2 “Road Rage” trailer.

I commend you on your talent for pressing “Print Screen” 20+ times on your keyboard. Oh, and being able to paste in Paint.

Hahaha, you can even see the “Pause” symbol on the bottom left-hand corner of each screen. Did you play this video on your PS3?

...................WTF FAIL!


RBLAZE19884351d ago

It's not even from the trailer, these are shots from the leaked pc beta build you can tell when it says @ui_act on 1 of the shots which proves it's from the PC leaked beta. They trailer shows no pistol action either but these shots do. This is clearly a blatant attempt to mislead people. It's one of the saddest things I have ever seen

Bloodraid4351d ago

I quite enjoy the irony of your comment. You copy and pasted the comments from the site that were calling the idiot out for copy and pasting...

Crazyglues4350d ago

@ Bloodraid

Yes I just found it funny the first comments, so I just posted them and then put WTF FAIL!... at the end, but maybe I should have put -Look at the comments on the site.. WTF FAIL!...

I wasn't trying to take credit for them.. just showing them because I'm sure a lot of people didn't even notice them...


Jaces4351d ago

Actually those screens look like sh*t. What's with all the fuzziness and blur?

evilmonkey5014351d ago

I was thinking the same thing. I KNOW this game looks better than that.

SuicideShaun4351d ago

Soldierone, your consoles may last ten years, but they games won't change, My pc is cheap right now and I can run all games, but the point of spending a lot of money and upgrading is so they can look better. It's ignorant to think that it's bad, in like 5 years my pc might not run the games because the pc devs are constantly getting better and using updated tech. On a console they are restricted to this 300 dollar tech that was from 06. Do the math.

cliffbo4350d ago


if pc`s are constantly getting better then why has there not been an upgraded cheap removable disc format such as bluray or holographic disc so better textures,sounds can be utilised to improve the games you are claiming are better on pc.

i`m sorry but until that happens few devs will ever spend the time nor money in making mega games with budgets like KZ3.
so we will just have to put up with minor improvements and the usual higher res/refresh rates instead of genuine improvements such as standardised hardware and controllers that WILL last at least ten years.

superrey194350d ago

All i have to say about pc gaming is this: most everyone has a pc anyways. Slap a $140 gtx 460 or equivelent ati card, a $40 power supply, and look at that u suddenly have a gaming pc thats 2x times faster than any console for less than $200. Now if ur pc doesnt have a pci express slot, then u must have a pretty ancient pc.

Kon_Artist 4350d ago

tell me one thing thats mind blowing about this

hassi944350d ago

I swear these are screens of the 3d version? You can see picture displacement all over the place.

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Assassin Nawabi4351d ago

can't wait for it to release... its gonna be epic

ugo4351d ago ShowReplies(4)
Kon4351d ago

PC version is where it is. Consoles are just a nice bonus from Crytek.

KRATOS-PS34351d ago

Finally you can play something on your PC - Have Fun!

Legion4351d ago

Exactly... you see so many PCboys running to these posts because FINALLY they can talk about a game that is coming to the PC too.

superrey194350d ago

Um what recent multiplat game hasnt come to pc? The only noteworthy one i can think of is red dead.

MARKUS_MAX1MUS4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

Of course it does :P but it will be that X 10 on my Rig, and its the gameplay that does it for me, not the graphics.