Unforgettable Scenes of Gaming Death

Game over. Continue? If only life was that simple. We've all died thousands of times in videogames. But game death has given us so many memorable sequences. Ever since Pac-Man's mouth widened to envelop his entire self with that classic descending soundclip, game developers have sought to make dying just as much of an experience as staying alive. So join Games Radar as they take a look at some of gaming's most memorable abrupt halts.

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xionpunk4037d ago

The Resident Evil ones give me sad feelings...

Relientk774037d ago

dude what the hell? i liked the Barts Nightmare game for Sega Genesis ... it was funny u got a grade ... and they were usually pissed at u lol

PlayStation3604037d ago

I really like that Shadow of the Beast 2 Game Over screen. That song was dope.

OsolidOsnakeO4037d ago

Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!!! !!!

Covenant4037d ago

Fun thing to do in Prey, in multiplayer: Run towards an explosive crawler trap set by an opponent, and jump when you set it get to watch your character's soul blasted from your lifeless corpse.

And when it comes to in-game carnage, very few things beat the Cerebral Bore from Turok.

MK_Red4037d ago

"When it comes to in-game carnage, very few things beat the Cerebral Bore from Turok"
Absolutly agreed. I'm still worries that this weapon may not make it to the Turok 3 for PS3/360.

As for the gaming deaths, I think they should have included Fallout 2's death scenes, with picture of rotten player and a disturbing commentary.

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