Heavenly Sword reigns in Spain

The PlayStation 3's new flagship title, Heavenly Sword, was top of the Spanish software charts for sales in the week ending September 23. Full top ten chart compiled by Media-Control GfK after the jump.

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nasim4041d ago

i just cant believe people still posts VGCHARTS sales figures where x360 is outgunning the ps3.

absolutely preposterous

goodganja4041d ago

Nariko is so beautiful.

XxZxX4041d ago

no xbox 360 games at all?

Rageaholic4041d ago

Im gonna give a realistic score for HS
It deserves an 8.5, The only thing the griped me was the length.

Unlike inflated scores like halo..... im gladd im hearing some ppl in my area saying lol, i got pulled into the hype its not that GOOD.

wangdiddy824041d ago

yea heavenly sword is a great game.. Only thing you can say bad about it is its length.. But i think its a good length just after beating it you want more.. lol.. But its a trilogy.

Apocwhen4041d ago

Is it just a hack n' Slash game or is there more to it? I've only watch the videos of it and although it looks incredible it came across to me as a hack n' slash game. Not that I don't like them but maybe if the game was actually longer it might get boring doing the same thing over and it works better with 6 - 8 hrs of gameplay?

XxZxX4041d ago

Apocychen, i dunno i think it's hack and slash. Keep pressing attack doesn't work, you need to block and counter and keep chancing stance. It's closer to Ninja gaiden. Then you get the FPS mode, where you can shoot arrow/cannon and guide them with sixaxis. That's the coolest thing. The Twing Twang. Get it and you wouldn't regret it. It's 6 hour but 6 hour worth.

Apocwhen4041d ago

Cool, hopefully I will get to try it out.
Not sure why someone disagreed with me for asking a Q about the game but I notice that's how things work around here :)
Thanks XxZxX for the feedback.

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