Ninja Gaiden 2 – Preview previews Team Ninja's latest exclusive Ninja Gaiden title for the Microsoft Xbox 360.

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ygxbrayzie4037d ago

Man can't wait for this one

Nostradavis4037d ago

game does look good n' bloody

CodeMonkey74037d ago

This game is going to be great. We also got MGS4 and FF in the works to come to the 360. I like how PS3 fanboys are saying that the xbox is dead. They don't even have 1/2 the sales of the 360 community.

PS3 = Delaystation 3 - Wait Beyond...

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OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4037d ago

I also heard they have like 1/50 of the 360's processing power, and that the 360 can do 5D while the stupid D3laystation can only do games in 3D. What a bunch of losers. Anyone who disagrees with me is obviously a mental-midget and can't possibly know anything about games.

jackfatal4037d ago

in almost 1 year they sold around 2 million 360 consoles!!
the first 10 million was sold in the 360 first year because it didnt have any competition but since now there is a wii and ps3 they sold less then 2 million in 1 year!!
and the good games always kills the 360 machine!! like halo 3 for example!!! and if u dont play good game it also fails on u!!
u call that a good console??

Nostradavis4037d ago

Lets keep the comments game related. This is not meant to be a console bashing venue...

Jay da 2KBalla4037d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 is being published by microsoft game studios. 360 exclusive baby. sony fanboys have fun playing xbox 1 remakes. hahahhahahaahhaa

Rhezin4037d ago

seriously have fun playing old and worn out first one while we play the more badass sequel.