Elite on Xbox Live: "Some day..."

Games Radar asked David Braben, founder of Frontier Developments, during a recent dev interview, "what are the chances - Elite, Xbox Live, a marriage made in heaven?".

"Absolutely," he chuckled, "Some day...". Cue the eruption of excited chatter in Games Radar towers, as memories of the cult retro space trading game flashed earnestly to mind.

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Tone4040d ago

Good news indeed if he makes Elite again :D

Loved that game!

nosmok4040d ago

I adored that game... First game which inspired urban legends about titan class ships and how a mate of a mate had seen them somewhere in some galaxy..
Id pay for a decent Multiuser online version anyday of the week.

Alymon4039d ago

Please please please let this be true and let it happen.

I loved Frontier: Elite II. Favorite space game of all time.

They could release it in it's original form or do a sequel/remake and I'd be thrilled.

sak5004039d ago

The game that had 200 pages manual and most of its keys being used for the game can be replicated for a console? Wow would like to see it.

nirwanda4039d ago

but think bigger this game screams MMO with a difference (no orcs) looking at the post the other day about the new way MS has come up with for processing online data (gives priority to the people you are focusing on and lets AI do the rest) this would be great they would have to set it in a smaller universe though