iPhone 5 Screen Leaked - Shows Bigger Screen for Gaming and more

How much better can the iPhone get in today’s competitive market? The iPhone 4 is a beast, clearly, but arguably the best smart phone and mobile gaming device in the market, but what else can Apple introduce to give the next iPhone the edge in today’s competitive world? How about a bigger screen without changing the size of the phone? A better gaming experience indeed.

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Dark_Charizard2818d ago

Nintendo 3DS vs NGP vs iPhone 5

TheOldOne2817d ago

Touchscreen gaming sucks. Buttons FTW.

Pixel_Enemy2817d ago

Buttons and touchscreen together for the win.

blumatt2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Buttons and touchscreen AND REAR TOUCHPAD (and gyroscope and accelerometer) together for the win. lol The NGP has all that! The NGP will be the most robust, capable portable gaming platform and will appeal to the hardest of hardcore gamers down to the most casual of casual gamers.

talltony2817d ago

I am so glad i just skipped the iphone 4 last year because this is the first real significant upgrade since the iphone has been out. Day 1 for me, my 3gs wont even stay on anymore without my battery case powering it.

Active Reload2817d ago

Their mock up kinda sucks though. They're only showing it as having a taller screen instead of taller and wider. It'd be a better idea if Apple, if this is real, made it a 5 inch screen to go along with the 5 meaning 5th gen. I'd personally be interested in it.

deltaforce822817d ago

I have a lot of games for my iPhone, but I have to agree that buttons are much better.

Redman222817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

If it's on Macrumors or Appleinsider it's usually true.

Biggest2817d ago

Who told this writer that the iPhone is arguably the best smart phone on the market? The other smart phones are smart enough to actually work no matter how you hold them. The other smart phones are more powerful and have equal features, or in some cases much better features. I think that the iPhone and iPad are both poster children for consumers being sold on an item rather than choosing to buy an item.

gamingdroid2817d ago

It is never about the specs of the hardware or what it is capable of, it is more about the package. User interface is key, and that is what Apple excels at.

As much as I dislike the iPhone (for being the only smartphone platform for getting Mass Effect) and hating Apple, I got to give it to Apple they know user interfaces!

Android is nice, but the user interface still doesn't match up to iPhone and WP7 get's closer, but is not as pretty.

inveni02817d ago

Look again, man. They do show it wider, but their mockup (and that "leaked" image) are really stupid. LCD and LED screens need a right and left edge. These mockups don't leave room for that.

Apple doesn't have room to make a larger screen without changing the aspect ratio or size of the phone. A different aspect ratio will make development harder, and a larger device is not what iPhone users want. I like my iPhone, even though it's not "cool" to my gaming friends. And I think that people carrying those gigantic Android devices look ridiculous. I don't even have pockets big enough for that.

Biggest2817d ago

"what it is capable of"

That SHOULD be what matters here. It's a phone that doesn't work well. I understand what you mean about the interface and I agree that the Apple interface is very well done. I own an iPod touch for that reason. However, I would never rely on the iPhone because it isn't capable of working well unless I hold it in Apple's new definition of "the right way" while other phones don't have a problem with any way close to proper.

Dagobert2817d ago

Agreed. I'm not liking this whole new tablet wave and touchscreen shit. I honestly wouldn't mind if they got rid of it from the PSP2 but that's just me.

gamingdroid2817d ago

"capable of" doesn't mean jack squat if it isn't implemented and seeing Android being in the market for so long, I don't forsee major changes there.

With that said, the antenna problem is a mistake once in a blue moon. You don't think other carriers do? My HTC HD7 also has the antennae problem and I bet you other phones do too. iPhone just happens to be the single biggest one.

Soldierone2817d ago

Apple can pretend the Iphone/Itouch is a gaming device all they want. Real gamers know it isn't true.

They are making a HUGE mistake if they take the portability away and try too hard to compete with real handheld gaming devices. Go ahead, trying playing any game with touch screens it sucks. Notice how racing games usually take the gas and break away from you? Notice how its 90 percant complete casual games? There is a reason Sony and Nintendo wont abandon buttons.

Then again Apple cant even make a phone where it has a stable connection whereever you hold it.

Vherostar2817d ago

I agree touchscreen for most gaming does suck. As for this screen probably fake as with the ipad games would need to be redesigned to fit new size screen.

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TheOneWhoPwnsYou2817d ago

Xperia Play vs iPhone 5 you mean?

Rush2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Dude it's just a bloody Xperia with a flip-out keypad and a Playstation app that doesn't even allow you to play PSP games.

If it even sells 1/3rd as well as the Samsung galaxy S I will eat my own ass hole.

If it even sells 1/10th the amount of the Iphone 5 I will eat my own head.

And don't give me the Quality=/=Sales because if the past is anything to go by Apple wins there also.

firefoxprime2817d ago

I'm sorry, but this article lost me right....HERE.

"but arguably the best smart phone and mobile GAMING device in the market"


silvacrest2817d ago

everything you said except the PSP stuff could be considered a plus, xperia = android, slide out gaming keyboard = win, playstation suite app = win

you seem to have this idea about what the xperia play is, while your entitled to your opinion, i think your wrong

once the the PS suite takes off that alone will make it sell well, then you have the android fans who will be interested in this, then the people who play games on their touchscreen phones who think it sucks and would rather have hardware keys

you might need to open your mind and see past what you want but what others may want

personally, the xperia play is a day one purchase for me

jeseth2817d ago

Apple = No Exclusives. Fail.

Nintendo = Tons of Exclusives = Win.

PSP2? NGP = Tons of Exclusives = Win.

iPhone5 will be for suckers/people who need to maintain their social status. Apple does not deliver the hardware for the prices they charge and I don't see them changing for gamers.

The HTC Evo 4G is already better than an iPhone5 or 5 for that matter.

hellzsupernova2817d ago

agree and buttons i need buttons!!!! lol

Vherostar2817d ago

Apple technically has over a million exclusives...

deafwing2817d ago

dont' think the device was every meant for hard core gamers to begin with ... they hit a market that don't touch systems that we do ... you know like your boss, and older people who don't mind playing something on their phone while on the train/commuting ... they don't expect them to go trophy/achievement hunting ... the device would be fine for them; for us ... not so much.

bakasora2817d ago

They need to make a iPhone XL, like NDS XL

jeseth2817d ago

And for $600 bucks you get 3 year old tech with 8 GB of space and no wifi. Ripoff.

But if you need to feel cool, the ipad will make you feel cool . . . except you aren't because you need something with an apple logo on it to do so.

Silly Mammo2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

iPhone has become the COD/Madden of cell phones. Annual releases with a few new features with each new edition. YAWN!

beardpapa2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

this is confirmed fake in many apple forums. there are clone stamps everywhere.

also, why the hell does the title include gaming? Is this flamebait or something? I thought nobody cared about phones being portable gaming devices. Are you phone haters so naive to believe that portable phones are seriously competing against something like the PSP2 or 3DS?

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Brash_Attack2818d ago

I'm excited for the whole phone to get leaked. I'm not an Apple fan by any means, but I love my iPhone 4.

SpaceFox2817d ago

Me too, love my iPhone 4 but tbh I couldnt care less about the 5. No way Im upgrading, perfectly content with my 4.

lil Titan2817d ago

ill wait and see what they are going to offer even though i know its a better cam and probably (and im hoping) 5x faster than the 4 (finger crossed) and antenna moved!!! i mean i can sell my iPhone 4 for the upgrade cash with some walk around dough so...

Brash_Attack2817d ago

I'm definitely upgrading. My girlfriend's dad always does the early upgrade and buys the new one for 500 and sells his old one on eBay for 700. He always profits so I plan on doing that.

deafwing2817d ago

but you will get a 6 I'm sure and the guys who have the 5 will say they are not getting the six and the cycle continues as apple continues to pound us hard

hey I still have a 3G ... holding out for a sweet spot is rough :D

Rush2817d ago

There's on average 80 Android handsets release in the same time as one iPhone and people are complaining about Apple releasing many....

Bear_Grylls2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Yep all you guys that bought the IP 1,2,3,4 what ever. You will still be the same bunch of Apple nipple suckers that will be linning up at midnight with you $1000+ to slapdown on the newest Apple POS that does nothing new over the last one.

OOOHHHH look it has a bigger screen and 4 more gigs memory, OMFG! I NEED IT NOW.

EDIT @ Rush.

Dude Andriod is an OS and Iphone's are phones... There is a big difference dude. Almost any phone can run Android. Only Apple makes the Iphone.

silvacrest2817d ago

there are something like 10 to 15 manufacturers making android phones while apple just has apple...which is their choice btw

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Zydake2817d ago

I still got my 3GS waiting for that 5 to upgrade.

deafwing2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )


I can of agree .. the yearly updates is insanity and unfair ... but the thing is they make a ton of money everytime they change the phone; the problem may well be people who just like having the latest tech and wouldn't be caught dead with with an older device ...

I actually held my IPod Gen 3 ( http://www.batteriesformp.c... for 4 years ... people thought I was crazy .. I was like "it can still play music"

Chupa-Chupa2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

I wonder if it will have 3D capability.. Bigger anything is always better. ;)

blumatt2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

That's what she said. haha I kid, I kid. Be nice to my bubbles. ;)

And to plb below, I agree. Buttons are very important, and I mean physical, tangible buttons.

Active Reload2817d ago

If thats you in the picture, call me :D

MGRogue20172817d ago

... I just want to get my hands on that Sony NGP..

Kalowest2817d ago

Same here, but i also want a 3DS. NGP&3DS is all the Handheld gaming i need.

plb2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

And it still doesn't have buttons so who cares except Apple fanboys who would likely buy an iPoop if Jobs took a squat and shat one out.

ThatIrishGamer2817d ago

Now now. Don't be raging because you can't afford these high end goods.

Just you stick to your Nokia 3210.

darrensworld2817d ago

LMAO! Great response, Nokia lmao!

awiseman2817d ago

Gayphone is nothing special, there is nothing special about having last gen hardware selling at next prices of course apple fanboys like you will happily bend over to recieve. Only thing good about the gayphone is the oled screen which is the equivalent of connecting a wii to an hd Tv...