DirectX 10 Performance Update: Is DX10 Really Worth It?

It's incredible to see just how quickly developers are integrating DX10 into their games. Unlike previous DirectX introductions where gamers had to wait years before the first games to incorporate the new technology began to trickle in, DX10 content was available within months of the API's release, and later this year they'll see a slew of additional DX10 titles from developers like Crytek and Epic.


It's clear that DirectX 10 isn't going to completely change the landscape of gaming. As Firing Squad said nearly a year ago in their DirectX 10 preview: "Is DX10 as significant an update as going from DX7 to DX8? Definitely not." In that same article, Tim Sweeney said: "Realistically, DirectX 10 doesn't introduce fundamentally new capabilities, but brings many new features that will enable developers to optimize games more thoroughly and thus deliver incrementally better visuals and better frame rates."

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