GameStop Takes a New Marketing Approach

In an attempt to fortify their bid for world domination in video game sales, GameStop is taking a new approach to selling games with a new marketing plan aimed at today's gaming culture and user made videos.

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Tsalagi4040d ago

Stop giving 1/4 or less of a games value for trades and selling used games for $6 less than a new one and then we'll talk.

sticky doja4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

I haven't stepped into a Gamestop in forever because of their used game pricing. I buy/sell my used games from Hastings/Blockbuster/GameXchan ge. GameXchange is the best because its like a pawn shop for videogame/movies. You can buy any system/game from Atari to the PS3 and sell them as well. All for reasonable prices.

Excalibur4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

In the Tampa bay area now have officially changed over to GameStop.
I was in one Thursday and they had most of the XBox and PS2 games pulled off the shelves and piled up in the floor.
The guy said they were changing the way the displays are to something new.
I also noticed the 360 section was really beefed up.
I unfortunately did not notice any types of price drops.

Que8134040d ago

the remaining tampa stores were switched last tuesday. the shelf thing is probably just late on doing something that shouldve been done over a month ago (just rearraging, not getting rid of anything, so dont think were pushing last gen out) what store was this at?

Excalibur4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

No, I didn't think GameStop was pushing last gen out just streamlining it a bit to beef up this gen.
BTW it was the new Tampa Store.

So, are we gonna see any real price drops? That 360 shelf is gonna be overflowing to the floor by the first of the year with soooo many new games coming out.

xionpunk4040d ago

yeah, all the eb games are finally gamestops now where i live. Bleh. While i hate most gamestops (why do the guys who work there act like they are friggin awesome and games are lame even though they work in a game store?) I found one that is pretty decent. Except there is a girl who works there (!) that is painfully tech savvy. Every time i buy something in there she wants to discuss hardware specs. anyways, dont trade youre games in , its a rip off and gives them pure profit.

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