UK sales of PS3 and 360 neck-and-neck in 2007

Hardware statistics from ChartTrack show PS3 and Xbox 360 are within a hair's breadth of one another in terms of total calender year sales to date.

Xbox 360 enjoyed a 12-week headstart on PS3 before it was launched on March 23rd, but both systems have near identical sales figures for the first 38 weeks of the year.

However, 55 per cent of all PS3 sales came in the first four weeks after the console's launch date.

Xbox 360 is still benefiting from its price drop and the introduction of the Elite model last month, when it enjoyed a 260 per cent jump in sales. Since then (week 34), it has consistently sold more units than PS3 week-on-week.

ChartTrack director Dorian Bloch provides further analysis...

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ironwolf4037d ago

Interesting piece of data, don't you think Nasim?

Meus Renaissance4037d ago

Although Nasim is a Sony fanboy with little intelligence, I don't see why you are spinning this article into Pro-360 when it clearly is the opposite.

sticky doja4037d ago

considering they said as of recently the 360 has been outselling the PS3 week to week. I just want to see Nasim's response honestly, since he says the 360 is "Dead in EU"

barom4037d ago

Ya remember 1up podcast? They said X360 is only doing well in UK. Though I don't think X360 is dead in EU, I think PS3 is doing better.

There wasn't too long ago that I moved to the US so I still keep in touch with many of my friends from Norway. Although most of them don't own any of the two consoles I do know that a good percentage (50-60%?) of them are gonna get the PS3 in the future with the rest undecided. So yeah just want to give you my personal perspective.

And following some of the Norwegian media (, I saw no article covering the Norwegian Halo 3 launch unlike when WoW:TBC launched which had people all lined up and stuff.

JOLLY14037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

the 360 isn't selling well in UK. We all know that the ps3 isn't selling well anywhere. So, if ps3 and 360 are tied, you must reason that the 360 isn't selling well either.

Vertius4037d ago

Like all fanboy comments, the "Dead in E.U." argument has some truth, since the U.K. =/= All of Europe. Although not dead, the 360 isn't thriving.

Just wait until the PS3 gets more good games!

kevoncox4037d ago

Since most of you are fanboys i'll pu tit this way....

Car A has been available in your region for 2 years. It had a huge luanch when it was luanch last year. Sales of Car A for this years is a direct representitive of interest in CAR A.

Luanched this year. Total sales for this year include the bloated sales due to luanch for early adopters and car fanatics.

When comparing sales from car A to Car B of this year, which car is selling better?????

It's too hard to tell. But....Car B( sony) is in the worst spot.
It is still the new car on the block and it's sales have slown to a trickle... Lets use figues to illastrate...

Xbox has sold 10,0000 consoles this year ( 1000X times 10 months)
Sony has sold 10,0000 consoles this year ( 6000 for launch and appx 750 per month)

Do you see how comparing the two is crazy. One has sold about 500,000 thousand due to the luanch festivities that all consoles get....

Game OVER -
YOu lose.

nasim4037d ago

It is non existent in other parts of EU. However ps3 was launched in Mracg 20th ,2007. x360 has been selling since Jan1 ,2007.

ps3 outsold x360 for a constant 34 weeks. x360 now outsells ps3 by a very narrow margin. expect FIFA 08 to do wonders for ps3

MADGameR4037d ago

PS3 has been 1 year behind and will be 1 year behind. Everything has to be the 360 way for you eh? No honesty and fairness from xbots and NO I'm not a SONY fanboy either. ALL the Halos will always be better on PC.

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caffman4037d ago

I predict a FLAME WAR!!!!!!!

gunnerforlife4037d ago

so let me see itss going neck and neck with the ps3 rite, shouldent it be winning by a mile seing as the price was more than 200 pounds lower. i cant wait to see how well it does against the 40 gig ps3

Gizmo_Logix4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

I thought the UK market was similar to the US market. I guess not if the PS3 and 360 are neck-and-neck. Because we already know the 360 is doing average/bad in Europe and dying in Japan.

Microsoft is trying to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Sony and still they can't kill them? Ha! Trust me. Halo 3 or any other M$ only product will do nothing.

I think Microsoft fans need to realize that tens of millions of people around the world hate Microsoft and will not buy their products.

4037d ago
Capt CHAOS4037d ago

Because if people had the brain cells to realize, that more people would hate Sony than they currently do.

You only have to look at the fabricated bands, DRM issue etc., that they keep trying to shove down people's throats to realize that they aren't such a nice friendly bunch of people either.

They both are big corporates and they both stink to hell. But I'm happy with my 360 and Halo3, if the PS3 gives me something really cool that I want, I'll buy that too. I'll buy a Wii soon because it'll get my kids off the sofa.

DixieNormS4037d ago

They fanboys and specially Sony fans think that only Playstation has good games but in reality they are not real gamers because the best games are on the 360. And ofcourse they are going to deny this because they would rather play the waiting game instead of playing good games now.

Bebop4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Little surprised by this. I thought the XBOX360 would be quite ahead by now. Very disappointing for XBOX360 with its head start & Halo3 out. This means things can only get better for Sony.

BTW: what's all this 'Nasim' picking on I see on these comments regularly ?

Meus Renaissance4037d ago

He's the Sony version of TheMart.

blackmagic4037d ago

nasim and themart are the two biggest fanboys on this site. both are known for stretching the truth and twisting fact for their own fanboy crusades so you can expect to see them mentioned by name often. nasim, in particular, is famous for fabricating ridiculous statistics.

Just my $0.02.

nix4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

nasim also single handedly beats most of the xbots! finally we have a balance. q:

i'm happy that he is here because i was dead tired of xbots swarming the PS3 section. i'd rather have him as "repeller" than people like Mart and his family dictate us about how bad the PS3 is.

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