S.T.A.L.K.E.R. dev eyes consoles

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. crew GSC Game World, traditionally a PC-focused studio, is casting a serious eye over console development. Considering the success the developer's experienced with S.T.A.L.K.E.R., it's a safe bet this is the franchise it'd bring to console if it pursued console development in earnest, although the studio's also known for its strategy games such as Cossacks.

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BIadestarX4040d ago

"more distribution channels."???? If you want to sell in the US and Europe (take note at how many copies Halo 3 sold in one day). Bring the games we want and stop bringing your biggest IPs to a console that's not selling here in the US and EU.

P4KY B4040d ago

What could that be other than a different console?

CyberSentinel4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Instead of giving us gamers the games we WANT to play, they give us Sylpheed, and point their finger, and say... "see they don't buy games on 360" when clearly these are not the games we want to buy. (or even play for free for that matter)

Give us FFXIII with a *"SIMULTANEOUS" worldwide release date with other consoles (Wii included) and see if you point your finger then.

*it must be simultaneous, nobody wants to play a story driven game, AFTER the story has been told a year ago,
and you already know the ending to.

@2: Your wrong Naruto, I love JRPG's. I own Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata and I can't wait for Lost Odyssey.

The way for square to survive in an American/European market place is by doing what they do best, RPG's. FFXIII is the game WE ALL WANT TO PLAY. lets be real. The FPS market is VERY crowded in the American/European gaming market. What chance do they really have at competing in that genre? Do what you do best Square/Enix.

Don't try to force me to buy something I don't want to buy, in order to play those games (ps3) because you will loss me.

I'm not saying play favorites, or choose sides...give as ALL a choice, and show love to all 3 consoles.

JsonHenry4040d ago

I hope this game makes it to the consoles for you console only guys. This game was awesome from start to finish on the PC. Great atmoshpere, great story, and a decent plot twist at the end. Assuming you went through to trouble to find out who you are and who Strelok really is.

Naruto4040d ago

it means Make game that's suited by regions like for US Shooting and action game sell the most
and also make casuals games for the casuals

LOL to fanboys that thinks it means Multi- Platform games
because that's not global eexpansion

Korosuke4039d ago

STAKER is my best FPS of this year. I don't know what happen when crysis comes out. But now the best.
STALKER should be played more people so it's really good news if it comes out in console.

snoopgg4039d ago

I don't care which console they bring it out for , as long as they bring it out. I tried this game out for the pc and loved the game. I wish ubisoft would bring Killing Day back for release also.