Palgn Interview with Heavenly Sword's Nina Kristensen

Heavenly Sword was meant to be one of the games that was to help put the PlayStation 3 on the map. Whether it will or not, will remain to be seen but we must say, it's quite a good game nonetheless says Palgn. Sony recently gave Palgn a chance to have quick chat with one of the lead developers from Ninja Theory, Nina Kristensen, about the game, the inspirations, PS3 and the future or Ninja Theory.

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Vojkan4091d ago

Game sold "only" 77k in its first week, in USA. Still i think we will see HS2 sometime in future.
I have to say i am annoyed by what she said about length of the game. Not so long ago she and rest of her team told us that game is 15 hours long, and now she is like "O yeah we did it on purpose, i like short but good games!" WTF!?!?! Are you kidding me? Inteasd say something like "Yes we hear those critics. You know what i like HS the way it is, i would rather play short but awesome game, than some long boring crap, but that doesn't mean our possible second HS game won't be longer. We will work on that i promise you!"
If she said something like that i would have respect for her, but when you flat out lie and than tell us "yeah it is short but..." that i LAME!

DemiseofPandas4091d ago

Its also hard to expect the sales to be good, when every part of the media says to rent the game.... -.-