Spong Interviews PlayStation President, Kaz Hirai

In this exclusive interview, Hirai - in a frank and honest manner - discusses the kind of topics usually airbrushed out of the picture. Hirai's in-depth media-training is evident during the first answer - though stick with the interview for a more meaningful insight into the inner workings of SCEI.

This is the man charged with taking the biggest gaming brand on the planet through its most difficult period since PlayStation was unleashed upon the world over a decade ago. Hirai's task was made all the more difficult by dint of the fact that he took over from "Father of PlayStation", Ken Kutaragi, just two weeks after the PlayStation 3's launch in November 2006.

Kaz Hirai is President and Group Chief Operating Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated (SCEI)

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beavis4play4063d ago

this is not for/against sony; but if i had a chance to interview kaz harai, i could think of A LOT BETTER QUESTIONS to ask than those. that interview was a dud.

Vojkan4063d ago

Let me guess, you would ask:

1.When is price cut coming?

2.When is price cut coming?

3.When will PS3 be free, for lets say 0.00$? So i can just go into store and pick it for free, and with 5 game bonus for 0 dollar!? When will it happened?

4.So about that price cut...


mighty_douche4063d ago

they totally skipped over the 'whats your favourite Pot Noodle?' issue.

kr90914063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

His questions were very dumb and I do not think that interview, if you want to call it that, could have been any worse. Definitely dissapointing on the interviewers side. I love hearing Harai talk tho. He is better than most sony exec's, except for Phil. Both of them inspire me lol.

xionpunk4063d ago

You'd think that if you got the chance to sit down with the guy running the PS business, you'd prepare some more thought out questions.
Oh well at least we know Kutaragi is still alive.

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EZCheez4063d ago

That is probably my biggest beef with my PS3. While I can afford to pay $600 for it, no one else in my family can, so I can't really share the experience with anyone unless I take it with me (which I do).

I just wish SOMEONE would admit that $600 was just too much to ask for from the PS2 fanbase.

THAMMER14063d ago

Be careful comments like that are too honest. I lost 3 bubbles in one month for being too open and making common since stamens. Over all very truthful statement. Bubble up for you.

People have a hard time buying a toy for more than $250.00 - $400.00. The PS3 just cost too much for most. I could buy one but my needs are more than fulfilled with what I have. I have at least 5 or 6 friends who want PS3's but do not have the extra cash. The 360 just might get them before the PS3 gets its price together. Especially if they keep coming over to my place to play Madden and Halo 3.

Vertius4063d ago

That was a rather brusque interviewing style...

INEEDINFO4063d ago

Sony need to advertise the ps3 as a gaming console and a next gen movie player, they people know what they are buying isnt just a console like the xbox.

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