Epic Edition of Bulletstorm Sold Out? B.S.!!!


"Imagine the shock on my face when I discovered they had close to a hundred copies of the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm laying around. I spent 40 minutes finding someone that actually worked at Best Buy and asked if they got a new shipment in. He said “no”."

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donnaluke20032945d ago

Click on the twitter photo to see cliffy b's lies up close and personal! Amazing!

fromasterjay2945d ago

I could TOTALLY see him doing that...

chainer30002945d ago

Hahah, the worst part is I could see him doing it, then tweeting about it... You know, he has to offset the 1 copy of KZ3 he picked up... with about 400 epic editions.

Anyway - don't you get a free upgrade to Epic Edition just from ordering at any period before this week from the largest retailers?

vsr2944d ago

poor Liars ! lolololol

jeseth2944d ago

I haven't met a single person that has bought this game.

Daoshai2944d ago

me! I bought the game. It's not bad either, I find it humorous that because it came out the same day as killzone 3 it gets all this hate from ps3 fanboys.

Ok maybe not humorous but sad nonetheless.

jeseth2944d ago

I'm not hating. I honestly don't know ayone who bought the game. On that note I only know 3 people who bought Killzone 3. . . .

Bulletstorm looks like Singularity and Resistance mashed together. The trailer of the large monster reminds me of the R2 Leviathan Boss.

Inside_out2944d ago

I don't know how the sales are going for Bulletstorm but the game deserves to sell out and should be one of the best games this year. I know the reviews are really good and having played and finished of the best fps this gen. YES, I've played and finished KZ 3...I'll leave it at

Ares842944d ago


I have. I picked up both Bulletstorm and KZ3 the same day and in all honesty so far, I enjoyed Bulletstorm more.

Before anyone starts telling me that I'm just an Xbox fanboy, I'm not. I don't even own an Xbox but my PS3 game collection stands at 208 games right now.

Bulletstorm is a very fun game. If you guys won't give it a chance it's your loss.

jeseth2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

I'll probably get it the next buy 2 get 1 free deal at Best Buy/Gamestop.

Its good to hear the positive feedback about it. Hopefully there is one in March, I still haven't played LBP2 and with Dragon Age 2 coming out that would be a well rounded buy 2 get 1 free.

Too many good games this year.

Edit : Holy crap! 208 games! I though I was bad nearing the 120 mark . . . well done sir!

ChrisW2944d ago

Reason for overstock???

Smart people avoid buying things at Best Buy.

evrfighter2944d ago

wow Ares troll some more xbot.

DERKADER2944d ago

What was the point of this fanboy article?

Soldierone2944d ago

Its ok to enjoy Bulletstorm, but to say its a better game than Killzone 3 is just wrong lol. I have both too. Epic didn't even build Bulletstorm to compete like that and everyone knows it.

360FTW22944d ago

I don't see why this is something that someone should feel a need to write an article about. Who gives a rat's ass whether it sold out or not?

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Blaze9292945d ago

just a marketing ploy by EA to push first week/month sales. Because we all know now adays for any industry, that decides where to take the IP/franchise.

They've been doing this ever since they started calling NORMAL edition games, Limited Edition.

I guarantee you even months after the Gears 3 beta is over, you'll still see Epic Edition copies of Bulletstorm on shelves. Just like the 'Limited Editions' of:

Need for Speed Hot pursuit
Crysis 2
Bad Company 2
Medal of Honor
Dante's Inferno
Dead Space 2
Dragon Age Origins

list goes on. If you put the idea in peopl's head they are going to miss out on something, they ofc they will feel inclined to rush buy the product - even if it's not truly limited

Shinuz2945d ago

Heck my local futurshop still has some Halo 3 legendary editions for sale. lol

gamingdroid2945d ago

It's actually worse than that, EA then made another edition of BC2 called Ultimate Edition.

I associate Limited Edition with limited supply, but also tends to have extra trinkets and stuff. EA's Limited Edition had jack squat!

If I didn't love Bulletstorm or ME, I wouldn't be buying EA games primarily because of Online Pass, but this is BS too.

hamsterfist2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

EA's Lie was MUCH more blatant....


gamingdroid2945d ago

Maybe the store Cliffy went to actually sold out, because they didn't have too many copies.

The Target I went to, only had a few copies left. Store allocation is different depending on location and retailer.

I didn't expect Bulletstorm to be a huge hit, and I rarely if ever see a game sell out. However, it doesn't make Cliffy a liar, simply because another store has plenty of them.

SoSLy2945d ago

Yes and there is only one Bestbuy in the world.... What makes you actually think that this store alone represent the products in stock for bestbuy?
KZ3 and Bulletstorm were sold out in the mall where I usually buy games.

gamingdroid2945d ago

I'm actually confused about your comment if it was directed towards me?

I love Bulletstorm (see my comment history). I'm plainly saying that Cliffy saying his store sold out doesn't mean that it sold out elsewhere, nor does a store have plenty of stock mean it did NOT sell out elsewhere.

humbleopinion2944d ago

I clicked on the twitter photo. Guess what? The only BS I saw is the one in the aformentioned website. I Don't know who's responsible for posting this lame "article" here, and I don't know who's the writer that completely lacks and reading comprehension and can't even interpret a twitter post properly - but I don't really care.
The only proper steps one should be taking now is:
1) Click on below "read full story"
2) story quality -> WTF?
3) Like this website -> No
4) Use adblock to completely filter that domain.
Heopfully more people will follow suit and perhaps one day the article quality in N4G will rise up once people completely filter out these kind of websites.

Threesix2944d ago

I clicked on the Twitter photo and all I saw was a general question that a website and fanboys are twisting around because they think it's actually important that the console they like is doing better than a competitor, even when the game in question is on both consoles.

And have fun explaining how asking his followers on Twitter to let him know if a store near one of them has sold out of the game is a lie.

Not so amazing. Actually quite sad!

killershadow1172944d ago

What lie? He didn't say that all stores are sold out, he asked what stores are. Probably a response to someones twitter post saying there store was sold out of them. Man you people are stupid sometimes.

InFAMOUS12944d ago

There were like 15-20 copies at the Future Shop I went to yesterday to pick up a new DS3... I didn't know CliffyB said they were sold out. If I was to guess I would say sold out of 'SHIPMENTS' meaning whatever is at retail is all there is? Who knows... The guy knows how to blow air outta his ass tho!

EVILDEAD3602944d ago

Cliffy B asks how many 'OTHER' stores are selling out of Epic edition Bulletstorm and to let him know

And rabid Fan Kid takes a picture of ONE store in the entire earth and screams..'look look there's still copies of BulletStorm..Cliffy lied'

Even more of a fail is that EA is talking about the Epic edition of the 360 version so people can get into the beta and this guy takes pics of the PS3 version as well.


A game can sell out in a bunch of retail stores and even post great week one sales and you STILL can find stores with plenty on the shelves..but this would be common sense to anyone not wearing the fan kid goggles

Classic fail..


hades072944d ago

Is it just me or there is no lies there whatsoever. Cliffy B just asked a question about which other stores were out of stock in response to one post that a store close to him had no copies. I don't know if the people here learned a different style of English then me, but the English language I learned leads me to believe that what he said is not a lie.

jdoggystyyle2944d ago

well same goes for killzone 3, not one person on my psn list bought killzone 3 or even knew it came out. Only people who have the killzone 3 fetish is..well...n4g

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Blad3star2945d ago

Sold out in my area too.

donnaluke20032945d ago

Well apparently were I live Bulletstorm is not selling like gangbusters. People in the midwest must have taste or hate fun.... Proof is in the pudding. I just shot this pics today around noon at my ONLY local Best Buy.

Vherostar2944d ago

Well its dropped in price by £10 already in teh UK due to bad sales.

donnaluke20032945d ago

I forgot to also mention I live in a medium sized city, not a tiny little village.

No Way2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

How do you live in a medium sized city with "ONLY" one local best buy?
Is that just in the city, not around it or what?
My city isn't large by any means, we have 4 in the area.

beardpapa2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

it's like how there are a bunch of IKEAs in LA county but there's only like one up north in Emeryville for all the sf, oakland, berkeley dwellers. His situation isn't exactly impossible.

I have to drive like 30 minutes away for a Wendy's and in that area there are Wendy's everywhere. There are tons of Carls Jr. in my area though.

BakedGoods2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

...the only place in your area that sells games is that little movie-rental convenience store?

Brash_Attack2945d ago

All four Gamestops around me have it in stock. And I live in the heart of San Diego. Big city.

Commander_TK2945d ago

"San Diego. White, sandy beaches; cleverly simulated natural environment; wide-open enclosures. I'm telling you, this could be the San Diego Zoo. Complete with fake rocks."

hamsterfist2945d ago

cliffy b apparently feels the need to drum up the faux impression this game is selling well.

donnaluke20032945d ago

That's what his tweet said....

2945d ago
donnaluke20032945d ago

Reading comprehension and understanding twitter is not your strong suit. He was implying shock that this game was being sold out as can also be demonstrated with the hash mark #goodproblemtohave and #stillfrustrating. I have yet to see anyone demonstrate proof this game was sold out anywhere.

EA's twitter said, and I effin quote! "We're hearing that epic editions w/access to gears 3 beta are almost sold out"

Here is the link: http://theplaystationshow.c...

Now suck it.

2945d ago
hades072944d ago

I agree with Pachter 110%. Cliffy B is just in response to the other person's twitter account saying it was sold out in HIS area. He is no way implying that the game sold out anywhere, he is just wondering if it did, and IF IT DID then it is a good problem to have for him and the companies involved obviously. As for EA, they are a large corporation who will say whatever they can to boost sales, and don't they consider units shipped not sold when reporting sales figures?