Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Eurogamer Review Scores 8/10

Eurogamer writes "We shouldn't really imply that there's much correlation between Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Halo 3, though. In fact, if anything, this pair ably demonstrates just how un-alike two FPS games that are essentially about space marines fighting space aliens can be - and yes, we're saying that without a hint of sarcasm.

In fact, it would be fair to say that ET:QW has far more in common with Battlefield's wide open spaces and vehicular focus than it does with Quake's tight corridors and twitchy firefights. Anyone who has played the Wolfenstein version of the game will know that teamwork and mission objectives are the order of the day here, not frags - but Quake Wars takes that ethos a step further."

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"So, clearly we’ve never started from a position of strength..."

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@1.1: Are you kidding me, or are you new to gaming?
PS2 had NO REAL competition, saturn was 399.99, and DC was a last ditch effort from SEGA to try and make a comeback, before the had to concede to not just Sony, but to hardware manufacturing period.

As far as the PS3 is concerned, Sony HAD a 10 YEAR mindshare to fall back on. WHO else could of gotten away with what Sony has gotten away with in this market, if it wasn't for their position in the "mindshare" of the market place. With their launch delays, game delays, HOME delays, lack of quality software, extreme price, arrogant statements, flip flop rumble/100% BC/music/movie/tv/psp network services, its AMAZING they made the sales they have! NO ONE ELSE could of gotten away with the disrespect and untruths that they have. No one. Not even MS.

PS1: I'll give it to them, they earned that fight.

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