Final Fantasy Tactics A2 TGS trailer and release date

Square Enix continues to release trailers from the recent TGS, and this time it's Final Fantasy Tactics A2's turn. The trailer features a lot of gameplay footage and the game looks very promising.

Along with the trailer, a new Jump scan has surfaced. The scan reveals the game is scheduled for release in Japan on October 25, 2007. The scan also reveals that Al-Cid Margrace, who appeared in Final Fantasy XII, will have a role in this game as well.

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Loony Lolly4132d ago

I can't believe noone has actually commented on this yet, but oh well...

The trailer, while relatively short, showed a lot of interesting things in relation to the improvements.

There is a much deeper story, it seems, with a large amount of "cut-scenes". The enemy, , doesn't seem the same as Mewt in the original - it's quite possible that we'll be treated to a real badguy this time (even if I loved the whole reversal of roles in the original. Playing the "bad guy" who actually destroyed the Crystals instead of saving them (something synonymous with a lot of FF games), was a great twist).

The new race, the Moh, will evidently replace the Nu Mou as your main magical prescence in-battle. They seem to have the same nature, as in great magical potency and great intelligence, but they might be a little faster this time around.

I absolutely LOVE the new Totema and spell animations. I don't really think there can be much to say, although I will say that the 3D effects are incredibly well done. Many of the games more powerful spells often have screen-filling shows of light accompanying them. I really can't wait for the 28th of October - that's when my copy of the game will have arrived. :P