Boy nearly strangles sister over Bioshock, Jack Thompson responds harshly

Videogames are often criticised for negatively influencing the behaviour of their players, and the latest report from KCTV, telling the story of a Kansas teenager who nearly strangled his little sister after she interrupted him while he was playing 2K Games' Xbox 360 masterpiece, Bioshock, isn't going to help the cause.

Violent videogame-hating attorney Jack Thompson has since released an ominous statement in which he says that "Justice will be served to the bastards that caused this crime."


The story has now been confirmed by Destructoid's Joe Burling to be completely false.

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fenderputty4135d ago


Mecha1054135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

how about the parents and the kid?

RadientFlux4135d ago

"The boy's parents admitted that they felt that the futuristic first-person shooter (which includes gameplay where mutated little girls are killed to gain powerups) had influenced his behaviour, but that they were not to blame because he was old enough to purchase it himself."

ah pass the blame... don't blame the person who actually killed the other one... no let's blame media. It's easier and we don't have difficult questions to answer.

G_CodeMonkey4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

"I get really into my games and when Brit’ came over to me to watch TV I forgot I was in a game and accidentally strangled her"--except there is no strangling in Bioshock.

The son is at fault, and the parents are next in proximity (though not criminally) as they raised the kid and set his values. Fortunately, the jury likely won't buy that crap, and he'll "accidentally" go to prison for the rest of his life, assuming his lawyer hasn't already set him up for insanity with that "I forgot I was in a game" crap. Then the parents get to lament their successful parenting. gCM

crck4135d ago

Putting 360s in pans of water to keep them cool. Strangling people over tv time. Throwing siblings off buildings.

caffman4135d ago

and people shooting people for PS3s. That I'll never understand

Squeezle4135d ago

STFU already... This isn't about a specific console... this is about mentally unbalanced people who are in need help but go undiagnosed and uncared for. How anyone can mistake a game for reality is beyond me, but if games keep coming up as excuses for murder, there are seriously sick people out there.

mighty_douche4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

the game has an '18' on the side of it, that means its not suitable for children!

still my parents used to buy me MORTAL COMBAT and stuff when i was young and i never strangled anyone... or did i....?

to be honest, people can try and blame the parents, or the game, or the developer or whatever, but more than likely the kid was just already A LITTLE £UCKED UP!!

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