Bizarre Creations talks Activision, answers the PGR on multiple platforms question

Earlier this week, Bizarre Creations - creator of Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars - surprised everyone by announcing its aquisition by mega-publisher Activision. IGN chatted briefly with Sarah Chudley, commercial director at Bizarre, to learn more about the deal.

IGN: Does this deal mean we might see Project Gotham Racing on multiple platforms now? Or does that belong to Microsoft?

Sarah Chudley: Microsoft own the Project Gotham Racing Brand, so sadly for all of us, PGR4 was our last PGR game. It's something that we're obviously sad to see end, but in a way, we feel it's a good time to be able to leave on a high with number 4, and with an amicable parting of the ways. It'd be horrible if the series became stale, and having done four iterations (and MSR before that) it's now a good time to give our racing team the chance to stretch their legs and move onto something new and exciting with our Activision racing title. And if Microsoft decides to continue with the series (and I know they're really passionate about it), then we're confident they'll find someone new who can look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. We look forward to seeing what they can do!

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S1D3 EFFEC74040d ago

as long as I get to play it on my 360. Let them PS3 fans play it too.

Darkiewonder4040d ago

That doesn't mean Bizarre can't make a different racer that's VERY Similar to PGR Without really "Stealing".

hmmm. Wonder how this will go in the long run?

fjtorres4040d ago

...without infringing on the Microsoft IP.
For example, the kudos gameplay is out of the question.
They could do some other kind of meta-scoring system but they'd have to be careful not to get too close. And they definitely can't call it kudos.
Reusing code from PGR4 may also be a no-no but some of that will depend on their use of middleware and the terms of the contract with MGS.
They're talking 2-2.5 years until their Activision racing game comes out so its likely to be all-new from the ground up.
If MS finds a good team to keep PGR4 going this could be a net plus for the industry.

FirstknighT4040d ago

Well PGR is owned by Microsoft so that will never happen. Any chance of us gamers seeing a PGR5 if somebody else takes over but that might be a bad idea. Their is a chance that PGR4 will be the last one in the series. :(

Darkiewonder4040d ago

If PGR4 does well when it's released, i think it's a good time to not do a sequel or risk PGR5 to flop. Like they say, end with a high note.

Not many developers other than the creator itself can make the game good. so a new group to work on the PGR Series, especially after 4 games, really will messed things up [MAYBE]

nirwanda4040d ago

If they let someone else make it


but i just can't imagine another developer doing pgr. bizzar got it just right.

When you look at all the racers that are out at the moment, pgr 3 looks way, way better then any of them ( the exception being forza, though personally i think pgr looks better ).

considering that no other developer has got a racer that looks better, how are they going to take up the series and improve on it ?

This is sad, but it will be interesting to see what their next game will be.

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The story is too old to be commented.