360 Gamer reviews Halo 3 - 8/10

One of the more fussy publications out there has thrown their hat into the Halo 3, er, ring. From "Fans of Halo will love it. Especially those buying it primarily for use online. The problem is, the single player campaign is not anywhere near as compelling or as epic as is billed."

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harpua4135d ago

I guess MS couldn't pay them all off.

WafflesID4135d ago

"The problem is, the single player campaign is not anywhere near as compelling or as epic as is billed."

I absolutely agree with this.

There were a couple of "OOooo....Ahhhhh" Moments...but it still comes down to a "shoot them before they shoot you" game.

It was good. But not spectacular. I personally think Bioshock and GOW are better single player games.

gamehendge4135d ago

nice to see people finally realizing that this is a good, but certainly not great game.

Rhezin4135d ago

WTF are you retards expecting? The campaign was awesome, and has massive replay value. Good game... F!ck you this game kick's ass!

WafflesID4135d ago

Replay value? Ehhhh...ONLY because of the skulls and the point system. But it's certaintly not along the lines of a half-life 2 quality single player experience.

Don't get me wrong, I stood in the freaking cold for 2 hours with short sleeves and shorts to buy this game (even though I had it pre-ordered) at midnight. I enjoyed the game. Playing most of the way on Heroic by myself and then starting over to do it on Legendary with a friend on co-op was quite fun. I just didn't have my socks blown off. And Honestly, I didn't like it enough to keep playing it over and over and over to see if I can get max points for each mission.

It's VERY linear and there isn't much depth beyond aim and fire.

Halo 1 and Halo 2 had some horrible levels that I absolutely refuse to ever play again for as long as I live. Halo 3 Didn't have a single level that was like that. There were no throw away missions that you felt like you just had to suffer through them to get to something better. Each mission was solid and enjoyable, but only a FEW parts had me going "Wow neat!"