Halo 3 sells 45,000 copies in its first day in Japan

Japanese researching company Enterbrain reported today that Microsoft's Halo 3 debuted yesterday in Japan with around 45,000 copies sold. This only accounts for the first day the game went on sale. This is reasonably a lot, as Blue Dragon, the biggest selling Xbox 360 game thus far in Japan with around 200,000 copies sold, debuted with over 83,000 copies in its first week.

Hardware numbers are also expected to be up quite a bit, although still not the level of Nintendo Wii or even the Playstaion 3. Other titles worthy of noting that debuted yesterday was Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the Playstation 3, which sold about 15,000 copies in its first day.

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AznSniper4038d ago

That's not too bad. It could have been better though.

Gizmo_Logix4037d ago me. If Blue Dragon can only sell 83K on fisrt day. And Halo 3 sells 45K. The 360 is dead in the land of the rising sun.

M$ do what they always do. Sell to their wacko base.

Robeezy4037d ago

Your an idiot. Blue Dragon sold that in the first week, not the first day. Try reading the article first before you post.

DwightOwen4037d ago

You know, there IS a reason why they put that statement on the front of a shirt...

Gizmo_Logix4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Robeezy, The fact that it took a WEEK is even more proof that even Blue Dragon can't sell except to wacko xbots. It changes nothing. And Halo 3, which is supposed to be the greatest game "eva" sells most via pre-order? Yeah, and? My point still stands. XBox is hated in Japan. This is why Anerican cars don't sell well there. They suck.

And it's "You're" not "Your." Might want to check your grammar before you call someone an idiot. PWNED!

EDIT: Sorry BIgBear. But check the console link link...PS3 is 13th. The 360 is nowhere to be found. Not even top 100. Get the picture?

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nirwanda4038d ago

I really thought the japanese would snap up oblivion once it went to the PS3 it got great reviews on the 360 in famitsu

WilliamRLBaker4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

its an WRPG the japanese need a whiney lil blonde haired homosexual and an feminite whiney vilian in their rpgs for it to be a good expereince.

Something oblivion has neither of.

CyberSentinel4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

What Japan wants are Japanese games, developed by Japanese developers, published by Japanese publishers, to be played by Japanese people, to fuel their Japanese economy.

Notice a pattern here?

Name 1 foreign company that does "extremely" well in the "Japanese VIDEO GAME Market".

ipod equates to squat in the overall Japanese market in Japan. Do they buy foreign cars? The Japanese make conscious buying decisions, that will benefit their own governmental economy. I don't hate them for doing that, I just choose to do the same thing for My Country.

Don't get me wrong, there was a time when it was all about Nintendo, Sega, and PC engine (turbo GFX) and I was there for them. I didn't choose NOT to buy them because they WERE Japanese. I bought the systems because they had no equal. Today the market IS VERY DIFFERENT.

PS3 (maybe will get better, but right now -pass)
Wii (w/e - I think I have outgrown this glorified Vtech system)

360 really is the ONLY serious gaming solution at the moment to me, and if you can't see that for yourselves, then THAT is why I label you a blind lemming.

@2.4: The question is, how would those 2 games you mentioned sold if they were on the ps3 or wii?

I'm not suprised they didn't sell well on the xbox.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. America and Europe does not need Japan.

@2.5: Amen. Bubble for you sir.

Devr4038d ago

The only western game that is somewhat popular in Japan is Ratchet and Clank, I think. That's pretty big there. The japanese even get their own special version of Ratchet.

BloodySinner4038d ago

You raise some very GREAT points. I'll give you a bubble for that. I never thought of it that way.

Anyway, how do you explain Blue Dragon & Trusty Bell's (Enternal Sonata) piss poor sales? Those two titles were made by the Japanese...

godofthunder104038d ago

you are right.i've been saying this for years and the sony fanboys said i didn't know what i was talking about and i was just jealouse that the ps3 is out selling the 360 in japan,well i was watching the jgs on g4 and they asked some people why the 360 can't seem to sell units in japan with the games they have for it.their replys were the same,they said that the japanese people are very proud of their country and they refuse to support any systems or games that wasn't made by a company from japan because they help their own economy out and really don't care about anything made from the U.S,now they said it this time not me but like i've said before,i've been saying the same thing for years.
i like to know how people from america feels now after the japanese said they buy only from a japan company because they have pride in their country,well if i was a sony fanboy right now,i will be ashamed after hearing this and the whole time i've been supporting a company from japan and hopeing that a company fron the U.S fails.
boy i bet the japanese are laughing their a**es off at us because they think that americans don't have pride in their country like they do,well i have pride in the U.S,that's why i buy an american product when ever i can so i can support and help my country economy out instead of helping another country economy out and hope an american company fails.this is the reason the U.S isn't the richest country in the world now and japan is,and if people don't open their eyes up soon it will be to late.when the slogan buy american products came out decades ago when the U.S was the richest country in the world,they said that if people don't start buying more american products then the U.S wouldn't be the richest country in the worl,well people didn't listen and it happen and it will keep getting worse for the U.S as long as people keep buying foriegn products.

Gizmo_Logix4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

"America and Europe does not need Japan"

Tell that to General Motors.

EDIT: godofthunder10, yes. They have pride in their products because they last and are well built. Yet, you have pride in your RROD? That's why they think you are crazy.

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AllroundGamer4038d ago

so everyone, that has an xbox in japan bought the game...

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