FIFA 08: Pro-G Review gives 8/10

Gamers are screaming out for a truly next-gen football title, and in this, FIFA is leagues apart from PES. FIFA 08 also comes with perhaps the most comprehensive set of online features ever seen in a football game & you'll be amazed at how life-like the players move about the pitch.

EA is also promising five-on-five online play next year via a future patch, which immediately puts PES 2008 under pressure to do the same.

The world's two premier football video games are made in Canada and Japan, ranked 54 and 34 respectfully in the FIFA World Rankings, which is perhaps the most mind-boggling piece of nonsensical football trivia ever. It also makes you wonder how they manage to produce such spell-blindingly good football games.

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jromao4092d ago

Did this guy played PES demo ?

Who needs Fifa Leagues database ? We need first a awsome gameplay as PES, then let bring the leagues.

Fifa after Fifa every year and they don't get good gameplay.

nirwanda4092d ago

the PES one good but wasn't revolutionary but the FIFA one was crap and needed to focus more on player movement and player responsiveness

nix4092d ago

he finished the game... q:

Kotaku4092d ago

The game feels old from the minute you kick the ball and star running.
controls are slammy and Graphics are the only thing new about this game.