New Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII information

A few new bits about Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy Versus XIII have been revealed, thanks to Maiki's blog. She scanned an article from this week's Famitsu issue and translated it:

- The city inside of Cocoon was shown in the new trailer.
- The new FF13 girl is quite different than other girls in the series so it's hard to get her into balance.
- Nomura said the latest Versus 13 trailer finally caught up to the original image he had always wanted to go with. Two new characters even showed up but everything might be reset by the end of the year.* The main character's design has always been a temporary design anyway so his real self will be revealed sometime next year. (MAJISSUKA)
- The plains and towns are following the image of Italy. The text that showed up in the trailer was also Italian.
- For now Agito 13 looks pretty tame compared to the main 13 and Versus 13 but a bigger revelation will be done next year.

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nix4042d ago

not the five seconds ones...

Violater4042d ago

they have genetically enhanced ninjas guarding those trailers.
No chance for hi quality leaks

uuaschbaer4042d ago

"- The city inside of Cocoon was shown in the new trailer. "
Most. useful. information. EVR xD

xionpunk4041d ago

I'm excited about this and the main FF. I hope they don't change the look of the versus main character too much, I think its pretty badass.