PES6 and FIFA 07 Exclusive to 360

Microsoft have today announced an agreement with both Konami and EA Sports that means both Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and FIFA 07 will be exclusive to Xbox 360 (on next-gen platforms at least).

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irishguy5376d ago

I have to get a 360 now!

This is bad news for Sony, especially in Europe where football games sell BIG.

kingboy5376d ago

lol micosoft is at it this time..wait and see

Bluemayhem5376d ago

This is seriously strange as the PES and Fifa followings in Europe are absolutely MASSIVE!!
This is certainly a blow for Sony, but then again PS3 is backwards compatible so not to worry in the end as you can always get the PS2 version.

kingboy5376d ago

it`s pro evo,graphics don`t matter,i`m even still rocking the psone version lol!so no big probs ,ps2 still has it.

irishguy5376d ago

Don't try and act like this isn't a major blow to sony. I was anticipating PES on the PS3 for a while now. hoping to see at least some sort of screenshot. But now i have to buy a 360 (and i will) to get my fix.

Microsoft was VERY smart to get these exclusives. Football games are major in Europe, they are what sells the system. (These games got me my PS2)

Im p*ssed at sony now...

RuffRyder5376d ago

Pro evolution 6 was the only reason i had a PS2.

RuffRyder5376d ago

sorry im ment to say pro evo 1